Rudy’s Goal and How the Universe Helped to Achieve it!

As an example of this principle in action, let’s take a brief look at the true story of Rudy Ruettiger. You may know that Rudy had a dream. His dream – now the subject of a truly inspiring movie – was to play football (American) for Notre Dame. Everyone told him it couldn’t be done. But this is how the universe helped him to achieve his dream.

When Rudy was 22 years old, one of his friends bought a Notre Dame jacket for him. Rudy recalls that, on his birthday, when his friend presented it, he commented, ‘Rudy, you were born to wear this jacket!’ These words somehow touched his heart and he resolved, there and then, to do something about it. So he took a bus en route to South Bend, Indiana, with the specific goal of meeting the Notre Dame Championship football coach, Ara Parseghian, to discuss the matter further.

It turned out that Rudy needed to improve his grades before he could even be considered for Notre Dame, which he did by attending Holly Cross Junior College. Unable to find suitable accommodation, he slept in the maintenance room, and after numerous applications and trials, he was finally accepted by Notre Dame and eventually made the football team as a walk-on.

Rudy was not really considered good enough to play for the team, but he never missed a practice match and was there, suited-up during the final game of his senior year. Now, many people in the crowd knew of Rudy’s goal to play for the team and in the final minutes of the last game, the crowd started chanting: Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Coach Dan Devine was so moved that he put him into the game in the last 27 seconds and, in the final play, he sacked the quarterback. Rudy was then carried off the field in triumph, on the shoulders of his team-mates.

When you carry your own dream within, you too will be able to touch the hearts and minds of the people around you in much the same way and it is a truly wonderful and uplifting experience when you find out for yourself that the universe does indeed help you to achieve your goal.

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