Powder Burns: An Orphic Assassin Novel – Kindle Unlimited

Powder Burns

Yesterday Damien Attica tossed a crooked Wall Street executive out of a fifty-second-story window.

Today he’s on his hypnotherapist’s couch, reliving his past life as a notorious outlaw in nineteenth-century New Mexico. A local farmer’s daughter, Josephina Llewelyn, was violated, and Damien is in the territory to make sure the men responsible meet his singular brand of justice. Their boss, Isaac Greeley, doesn’t like that one bit and has raised a posse to hunt down Damien.

Bad idea.

After a can of beans and a good book, Damien dreams. They are of his first life, centuries earlier in ancient Greece. He’s a frightened, anxious boy learning the ways of the prophet Orpheus, a man who sang to the birds and animals.

Damien also has a song to sing. It’s an anthem of agony for those who do the innocent harm. He is the Orphic Assassin reborn.

This book is free from January 14th through January 16th.

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