Our Social Distribution Channels

This is a list of the social media channels on which we maintain an active presence. You can navigate to each site using the links below.

Each link opens in a new window so you don’t lose this page:

  1. Free Books Showcase (Reddit)
  2. Free Books Showcase (Facebook Page)
  3. Free Books Showcase (Facebook Group)
  4. Free Books Showcase (Pinterest Board)
  5. Free Books Showcase (Quora Space)
  6. White Dove Books (Instagram)
  7. White Dove Books (Plurk)
  8. Will Edwards (Goodreads)
  9. Will Edwards (Twitter)
  10. White Dove Books (Feedburner)
  11. White Dove Books (Follow-it)

In addition to our own pages and groups listed above, we also submit to a number of additional Facebook Groups.

Note: Kindle Unlimited books are also posted to Kindle Unlimited Best (Reddit) when the free promotion has ended and the book reverts to paid.