Our Blog Distribution Network

This is a list is a sample of the blogs currently participating in the distribution network for our books. You can navigate to each site using the links below.

Each link opens in a new window so you don’t lose this page:

  1. Free Books Digest
  2. Forever Natural Wellness
  3. The Purple Shelf Club
  4. ReadersKlub
  5. Books of the Month
  6. Persia Walker
  7. Esh Carmel
  8. Midnight Narrator
  9. Book Boost
  10. Wejees Online Divination
  11. Bennet Media
  12. Chakra Healing Sounds (u)
  13. CyberKen
  14. Info University
  15. Money Parade
  16. Ghana Mama Drama
  17. GriefBreakthrough

Our distribution is constantly growing so the above is not a complete list of all the blogs in our network, just a small sample. As you can see from the screenshot below, WordPress reports the current distribution is actually 80+ blogs as of June 2022.

Active Installations of Free Books Section Plugin from White Dove Books

You can use this link to check the current distribution as of today.

If you are an author, book blogger or reviewer, and have a WordPress blog related to books, you can join our blog network and earn commission on book promotions.