Nellie (Bailey Girls Book 2) – Kindle Unlimited

A fashion photographer may not have sex with the girls he photographs, but he must always make love to them.

Only a few months into my relationship with Lena, I was taking her gorgeous younger sister on a fashion shoot with me. She was the girl I thought looked like something right out of nineteen fifties Hollywood.

The photo shoot experience is so erotic and intimate that a certain amount of physical arousal is almost inevitable, for both parties. It is a matter of professional pride that I always choose not to initiate anything, but the clients are only human and often, sex is a natural conclusion to events. That is why I have ended up bedding so many of my models.

In the case of Nellie, I most certainly did want to photograph her. But the plain truth is that, despite her being Lena’s younger sister, I did also want to have her, and from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew it would happen. What I did not know was the circumstances under which it would occur.

Warning: This is a filthy short story that contains explicit straight sex scenes and bad language.

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