Max Jones

There is only one thing I enjoy more than taking photographs of beautiful girls and that’s having sex with them.
A fashion photographer may not have sex with the girls he photographs, but he must always make love to them.
Mollie was a vision of loveliness, with a perfect body, curved in all the right places. It was Lena who
“Everything’s all setup, so whenever you are ready, you can take your clothes off and we can make a start.”
It was only the slightest hint of movement within her body, but it was there, and I felt it. Just
She surprised me by asking what could quite easily be interpreted as a leading question. “Would Manet have made love
And there she stood, this beautifully formed creature, completely stark naked, except for her trainers. My secret desire to have
It is not like me to become sexually attracted to older women ... Especially when so many gorgeous young things
The idea of bedding all four of the Bailey girls had become a secret, but ever growing obsession. So far
The full series of The Bailey Girls, featuring nine erotic short stories by Max Jones ... There is only one