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Her father is dead, her uncle has stolen the throne, and now he wants to marry her off to the son of her arch-enemy.

Jael Furyck isn’t happy.

But Jael is a battle-hardened warrior, trained to kill since she was ten-years-old. She doesn’t plan on being anyone’s wife.

Eadmund Skalleson is trapped.

His father is threatening him with a wife again, and this time he’s given him an ultimatum: marry Jael Furyck, or he’ll find another heir. But if Eadmund was ever to choose a wife, it wouldn’t be her.

Not Jael Furyck. Not ever.

Gripping epic fantasy within a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and ancient prophecy.

College is hard—classes, homework, bullies.

But, being the daughter of renowned professors, I grew up at Alderidge University and was on track to have an easy start to my freshman year. Until I met Nathaniel Nightingale.

Aloof and mysterious, Nathaniel’s hands were covered in scars that told me he had a violent history. He started asking questions about my own, and then dark secrets in our family lines collided after a strange discovery in the library. We found words with power, and they unleashed abilities in the both of us that had been lost to the world.

Turns out, the witch trials weren’t entirely the product of mass hysteria. As far as we can tell, almost every mage was wiped out – killed for their knowledge and their capabilities. And now I have to wonder if my mother’s disappearance is related.

Alone. Frightened. Captive. If you hear someone approaching, RUN. She is not there to help you.

There is an ancient evil in the Back Country, dormant for centuries but now hungry and lurking.

When it sets its sights on an unsuspecting mother one routine morning along an isolated stretch of highway, a quiet farming family is suddenly thrust into a world of unspeakable terror, and a young Gretel must learn to be a hero.

Full of twists and turns, Gretel will have you on the edge of your seat. If you like books by Stephen King you will love Gretel.

Agent Tracie Tanner is safely back in CIA hands, on her way to take a crucial—and very secret– letter to the president.

But even the CIA didn’t foresee someone crashing a plane to stop her.

With about thirty seconds to spare before she’s burned alive, a good Samaritan pulls her from the wreckage. Thus begins Allan Leverone’s first pulse-pounding entry in his Tracie Tanner spy series, part action-adventure, part espionage thriller, and always a page-turner– but with heart and even a touch of romance.

Tracie’s savior’s a little surprised when she pulls a gun and decrees that she’s not going to any damn hospital, but he’s nothing if not flexible—being an air traffic controller, he’s nearly as cool a customer as she is. He just shrugs, takes her home, and cleans her wounds, little realizing they’re both about to wake up to a fight for their lives.

Forced to go on the run, having no idea who to trust, all Tracie knows is she has to somehow get to the president while staying ahead of an ever-mounting body count and keeping a civilian alive.

After A Wall Street Murder The FBI Has Their Suspect, But Do The Facts Add Up?

In the lobby of a prestigious Wall Street investment firm, one man is dead and another seriously injured. The man accused of the crime now a fugitive.

When the Director of the FBI personally orders Special Agent Sean Kruger to New York City to find the fugitive, Kruger questions the reason. Told to shut up and do his job, he starts looking into the case.

What he finds is troubling. Eye-witness accounts seem contrived with little variance between individual testimonies. The more he hears, the more he feels someone is manipulating the story.

As the cat and mouse game turns lethal, Kruger must use all of his skills and experience to find the truth, protect the fugitive, and ultimately stay alive.

Living amongst the citizens of the most misunderstood continent would educate him more than any textbook…

Terry Lister craved another leg of the journey. After making it his goal to see the planet in eight-week-long sojourns, he set his sights on visiting the one place that scares off most Westerners: West Africa. And with abundant research of the vast landscape under his belt, nothing would stop this global nomad.

From harrowing experiences with border police to escapades on crowded mini-buses, Lister embraced every challenge he encountered off the beaten path. And as his priceless interactions with locals painted a true picture of an often-misrepresented land, he took it upon himself to prove traveling through these five evocative countries is perfectly safe.

In a refreshing take on international travel, Terry Lister provides vigorous encouragement to those who have dreamed of touring this extraordinary region to take the leap of faith. And with heartening stories involving the residents, the optimism and lifestyles of those living thousands of miles away will inspire you to plan your very own inspiring excursion.

Immersed in West Africa is the eye-opening first book in the Travels with Terry travelogue series. If you like soul-searching adventures, breathtaking geographies, and intriguing backpacking anecdotes, then you’ll love Terry Lister’s motivational adventure.

In this dystopian short-story the world is divided into Dogs and Wolves. The powerless and the powerful.

Funny and at times absurd, the ‘dogs’ commit themselves to an education camp where everything is free and all they to give up is their creative freedom.

What would you do for your freedom?

Once When We Were Human draws parallels with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and looks at how a technically modern fascist society might use propaganda and education camps for citizens who protest and challenge the state.

Every harem has a beginning.

This is the heart pounding start to The Alyx Riddle Chronicles. Alyx was a girl in the dark. Tormented by the demons who sent her mother to an early grave. And ever since her mother’s death, Alyx had a growing feeling that there was much more going on beneath the surface of this boring, tranquil life of hers in Pearl.

Then one grim night at the Blakemore Asylum, unknown forces determined to set her on a new path guided her down into the pits of the mad house that she worked. It was there that Alyx would come face to face with the embodiment of the darkness that haunted her dreams.

This thing is what the doctors had said wasn’t real. But what if it is? What happens then?

If you are serious about wanting to become rich, this book is for you.

It is a completely natural desire to want to become wealthy. We all have that wish because, with plenty of money at our disposal, we can do so many things, both for ourselves and for others. Imagine what that would be like, having all the money you would ever want or need right there in your bank account. At one time or another, we all entertain those thoughts.

There’s no question about it, getting rich is a serious business and those who take it seriously are the people who succeed. They first come to understand that there is no reason they should not become rich, and then they work on developing their understanding of the process. This ground breaking self help book will help you to do that.

With knowledge of the laws of success and a desire to make it happen, you too can become an unstoppable force as you learn how to steadily attract more and more money into your life. It is quite a claim, however, it is a fact that this book can show you how.

A battered mother. A possessive boyfriend. Can she save herself from a similar fate?

Selena longs to flee her uneasy home life. Prepping every spare minute for a college escape, the headstrong, high school senior vows never to be like her alcoholic mom with her string of abusive boyfriends. So when Selena finds her beaten nearly to death, she knows safety is slipping away…

With her mother’s violent lover evading justice, Selena’s new boyfriend’s offer to move in seems Heaven-sent. But jealous rage and a renewed search for her long-lost father threaten to pull her back into harm’s way.

Can Selena break free of an ugly past, or will brutal men crush her hopes of a better future?

Not Like Her is the first book in the suspenseful Selena Bailey series. If you like thrilling twists, dark tension, and smart and driven women, then you’ll love H.K. Christie’s new dark mystery series.

*Trigger warning: This book includes themes relating to domestic violence*

What do you do when the one you love is also your worst enemy? 

 Cassie is stunned and devastated when she learns that she belongs to a long line of vampire slayers known as The Hunters. A murderous rampage by a group of elder vampires has left the Hunter line decimated and the remaining Hunters scattered around the world. With her friends Chris and Melissa’s aid, Cassie struggles to rid the world of the monsters that murdered her parents. Cassie knows it is her fate, but she chafes against her heritage and is resentful of the shortened lifespan placed upon her by the circumstances of birth.

 Struggling to get through every day, Cassie finds herself lost and adrift until Devon walks into her life. His arrival turns the school, and Cassie’s life, upside down. Fighting against her fierce attraction to Devon and the chaos he represents in her carefully ordered days, she is irresistibly drawn to him. Though worried that what she is will place Devon in danger, she’s unable to fight her feelings for him. He is the one light, and the only source of hope she has in a world that revolves around death and fear. What she doesn’t know is that Devon has some dark secrets of his own, secrets even more frightening and dangerous than hers. Secrets that threaten to tear them apart forever.

He takes a step forward, shaking his head twice, with absolute conviction. “You’re not nothing, Nova.”

In the Eon galaxy, Dominion controls any planet with solid Neron deposits, and Nova just found out they’re coming for hers. Korpillion isn’t supposed to have any Neron—the galaxy’s purest form of energy—but Nova Ainsley has been working with the owner of a secret mine for months, building highly illegal weapons that can wield Neron. She wants off Korpillion, and selling these weapons will buy her and her father a ticket to another planet in the galaxy.

Neron is incredible on its own, but there are those who can wield it to their will, granting them the ability to read minds, see the future, and destroy worlds—the Nero. But this is a galaxy where they are ceasing to exist, and Dominion owns the last one in the known universe, using him to take over and destroy billions of lives.

An encounter with the last Nero shows Nova her future: it’s with him. She will stand by his side one day, her fingers laced through his, love and adoration in both their eyes, a dark queen to his evil, pawn king.

Fate or destiny, Nova will do whatever it takes to change their future, and that of the galaxy.

The Neron Rising Saga is a series of episodes. Episode One is 30,000 words. Neron Rising is a slow-burn space-fantasy romance.

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Lose excess fat without calorie-counting, exercise or starving yourself.

You do not need to count calories, you do not need to starve yourself, you do not even need to increase exercise. To lose your excess weight, there is one simple principle you need to follow and the weight loss will start immediately and drop off your body permanently.

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Your health is the most important thing in the world, so be sure to get your copy of this breakthrough method today!

“Don’t think of it as losing your license to kill. Think of it as gaining an unlimited black budget.”

John Crane is an elite secret agent…until his agency suddenly closes. But if the government doesn’t want Crane’s talents, Internet billionaire Josh Sulenski does. Someone’s going to a lot of trouble to sabotage a harmless project he funds. Josh wants to know who and why.

When Crane investigates, he quickly turns up a lot more trouble than he bargained for. On his own and under attack from all sides, Crane makes up new rules for the spy game. His only assets: a talent for improvisation and Josh’s very deep pockets.

From the beaches of Puerto Rico to the gritty alleys of Eastern Europe, Crane works his way back to the man pulling the strings—a ruthless gangster out for global power. With his back against the wall and innocent lives at stake, John Crane charges into a war he may not be able to win.

New to the game. But that won’t stop her.

How does a woman disappear in a town of a thousand people? That’s a 28-year-old mystery Isabel Long wants to solve.

Isabel has the time to investigate. She just lost her husband and her job as a managing editor of a newspaper. (Yes, it’s been a bad year.) And she’s got a Watson – her 92-year-old mother who lives with her.

To help her case, Isabel takes a job at the local watering hole, so she can get up close and personal with those connected to the mystery.

As a journalist, Isabel never lost a story she chased. Now, as an amateur P.I., she’s not about to lose this case either.

Getting your blurb right is like having the book fairy sprinkle magic dust over your Amazon listing.

Master this one most important skill and you too will be able to work magic and significantly improve your book sales in the process – that’s what BLURBISSIMO is about!

In this book is everything you need to know about effective blurb writing, for both fiction and non-fiction books, and I can make a bold promise to you. If you take the simple, powerful, and yet little-known principles we are about to discuss and apply them to your book descriptions, they will be sure to make a dramatic difference to your bottom line.

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Will a spark turn into a wildfire, or will their love go down in flames?

EZRA FIELDS IS A FIREFIGHTER AND SINGLE DAD. Spending his days fighting flames in Nashville, TN, his best nights are spent at home with his favorite girl—his daughter, Livie. With no time for distractions, he has no room in his life for other females—not even a sassy blonde-haired beauty and the first woman to spark his interest in years. Ezra doesn’t have the time to get involved. So, he walks away without getting her name, or giving his…

HANNA HAS NO INTEREST IN SETTLING DOWN. She can’t even commit to a hair color, an address to call home, or a man. Too busy with her career as a traveling nurse, a relationship is the last thing she needs or wants. So, it’s inconvenient when she falls—literally—for the one person as uninterested in love as she is. At least that’s what she’ll keep telling herself.

Burning Love can be read as a standalone, has steamy scenes and an HEA.

Darrin heard Vivian waking up and walking around inside the cottage.

Within five minutes she turned on the backyard light and came out to sit with him with her wineglass of blood.

A centuries-old vampire, she wanted to marry him on the second date. When he said no, she found someone else.

What can he do to win her back?

I Take Thee is a cute paranormal romance that will leave you wanting more …

400 years in the future, men are few and women rule the world.

Except for the area formerly known as Canada and Alaska, which is inhabited by the Men of the Northlands, a group of strong men, who refuse to be ruled by women.

Christina Sanders, an archeologist and professor in history, is fascinated with the past. As a modern woman of year 2437 she knows that women are better off without men, but longing for an adventure, she makes a spontaneous decision and volunteers for a job no one else wants. Now she’s going to lead an archeological excavation in the Northlands, the most secluded place on earth where the mythical males live who are rumored to be as brutal and dangerous as the men Christina has read about in her history books.

What will happen when Christina crosses into the men’s territory? Will they allow her to do her job and is there any way they’ll let her leave again – unharmed?

The Protector is the first book in Elin Peer’s bestselling romantic drama series Men of the North.

Deadly pies!

Spring Festival and murder.

Can Maddie clear her name?

Finding the body was a shock. Accused of putting it there pushes Maddie over the edge and into the Sheriff’s path. Her ex-flame is as confused as she is when the mystery heats up with another batch of clues.

Danger threatens at every turn, and when Maddie ends up on her own, scared and out of her depth, it seems that even an award-winning baker isn’t safe from Maple Falls’ first serial killer. As the timer ticks down in the race to find the murderer before Maddie’s put in jail or the body count climbs, she enlists the help of her friends.

If only solving murder were as easy as apple pie!

Do you love Murder She Wrote? Then you’ll enjoy Maddie’s style because she’s not taking no for an answer either.

If Sandy can’t solve her rival’s murder, it’s more than her buns on the line…

Sandy Shaw enjoys her reign as the sole baker and bookseller in the sleepy village of Waterfell Tweed. But when Reginald, the local eccentric, announces plans to open a competing shop across the square, she fails to hide her frustration. As she formulates her plan of attack, Reginald goes from being the town weirdo to serving as the town corpse…

Thrust into the middle of a murder investigation as the prime suspect, Sandy must go from selling buns to solving crimes in a hurry. With no one to save her biscuits but herself, she puts down her rolling pin and gets to work. If she fails to find the murderer in time, she’ll be serving a whole lot more than tea and jam.

Once Upon a Crime is the first book in the Waterfell Tweed Cozy Mystery Series. If you like quirky characters, suspenseful whodunnits, and small-town settings, you’ll love Mona Marple’s quaint and cozy series starter.

I needed to repair the cracks in the foundation of my soul.

Find the strength to overcome. I needed a new city. A new job. Something that would take me away from everything and everyone that chained me down in my past.

He needed the same things as I did, but his nightmares were bleeding into everything he touched. He was living his dream by day, and haunted by his past at night.

For the first time in my life, I wanted to leap head first into the unknown.
And when I did, he caught me. We could be the key to tearing down the walls within ourselves.

Together, our broken parts could finally be made whole.

Armed with Victorian etiquette, a fully loaded walking stick, and a dead husband, Beatrice Knight arrives in the small colonial town of Nairobi desperate for a pot of tea.

But she’ll need more than that if she’s to unravel the mystery of the Ghosts of Tsavo without being eaten in the process. She must survive the machinations of her best friend’s dashing godfather and the efforts of her safari guide to feed her to any lion willing to drag her away. What is a ghost-chasing widow to do?

Miss Knight and the Ghosts of Tsavo is the first case in the “Society for Paranormals” series, in which a paranormal detective refuses to let danger, death, and unsolicited suitors inconvenience her in colonial Kenya. Welcome to a cozy mystery series concerning Victorian etiquette, African mythology, and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

Miss Knight and the Ghosts of Tsavo, Case One of the “Society for Paranormals” cozy mystery series, was a finalist in the 2016 RONE Awards and has more than 280 positive reviews on Amazon.

The Spiritual Secret to Prosperity, Happiness & Abundance That Will Transform Your Life

“As someone who loves reading personal development and self help materials I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read books or articles with the word ‘secret’ in the title. Often it’s referring to a little-known, best-practice way to improve some aspect of our lives or attract more things for us to enjoy. But The Bible Secret by Will Edwards goes way beyond self-improvement techniques or formulas and explores the very essence of life’s purpose and fulfilment.” – John Callister

The sad consequence of missing this secret is that many people end up settling for lives of mediocrity, never releasing the most powerful force in the universe into their lives. If you are not living the spiritually satisfying and materially rewarding life God intends you to live, quite simply, you should read this book today

How to Celebrate the Sabbats and Cook up Magick in the Kitchen

The process of cooking and the act of eating are much more than we might think. Historically, various traditions have used ritual within their food preparation practices, as they recognise that the preparation of food is much more than the simple act of catering.

Cooking itself is, at very least an art. However, we believe it is much more than that.

Our ancient forebears, whose connection with the Earth and her bounties tended to be much more closely aligned than our own, ate their fruit and vegetables when they were at their absolute best.

They were also very familiar with the most important agricultural and pastoral events within the cycle of the year, and they celebrated these major events with festivals of fertility, renewal, abundance, and thankfulness. In this kind of wholesome country life, centred around the high points of the calendar, there was absolutely no divide between life and magick.

The production of food was a truly sacred and magical activity that was fundamentally connected with the essential goodness of the Earth. It was aligned with the seasons, and was seen as not only being necessary for the provision of energy for our bodies, it was also vitally important for its medicinal properties.

In Wicca Kitchen Witchery, we seek to rediscover the annual cycle of abundance and align our food preparation and enjoyment with these ancient principles.

A beautiful home. A loving wife. And in-laws to die for.

Gemma Robinson comes into Elliot’s life like a whirlwind, and they marry and settle into his home. When she asks him if her parents can come to stay for a couple of weeks, he is keen to oblige – he just doesn’t quite know what he’s signing up for.

The Robinsons arrive with Gemma’s sister, Chloe, a mysterious young woman who refuses to speak or leave her room. Elliot starts to suspect that the Robinsons are hiding a dark secret. And then there are the scars on his wife’s body that she won’t talk about . . .

As Elliot’s in-laws become more comfortable in his home, encroaching on all aspects of his life, it becomes clear that they have no intention of moving out. To protect Gemma, and their marriage, Elliot delves into the Robinsons’ past. But is he prepared for the truth?

From the two million copy bestselling author comes a tale about the chilling consequences of welcoming strangers into your home.

Yesterday Damien Attica tossed a crooked Wall Street executive out of a fifty-second-story window.

Today he’s on his hypnotherapist’s couch, reliving his past life as a notorious outlaw in nineteenth-century New Mexico. A local farmer’s daughter, Josephina Llewelyn, was violated, and Damien is in the territory to make sure the men responsible meet his singular brand of justice. Their boss, Isaac Greeley, doesn’t like that one bit and has raised a posse to hunt down Damien.

Bad idea.

After a can of beans and a good book, Damien dreams. They are of his first life, centuries earlier in ancient Greece. He’s a frightened, anxious boy learning the ways of the prophet Orpheus, a man who sang to the birds and animals.

Damien also has a song to sing. It’s an anthem of agony for those who do the innocent harm. He is the Orphic Assassin reborn.

This book is free from January 14th through January 16th.

The undead are all over Scotland and the tried and tested method of dispatching a zombie, by putting a bullet through its brain, is no longer effective.

A crack squad of seven expert swordsmen is assembled to prevent the impending zombie apocalypse.

Dryden, a top zombie killer with years of experience, is on the team. But his girlfriend, Zoe, is kidnapped by terrorists who are out to capture a zombie for their own cunning purposes, and they are demanding a crazy ransom.

Can Dryden rescue Zoe? Can the seven free Scotland from this dreadful evil? What can defeat the new breed of zombies, evolved to survive a bullet to the head?

Everything hangs in the balance as zombies are changing … but not in the way Darwin expected!

Discover the exact money-making formula used by millionaires the world over to create astonishing wealth.

Napoleon Hill’s early career was as a newspaper reporter, during which time he met and interviewed the wealthy entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie who issued him with a challenge. Carnegie (the richest man in the world at the time) commissioned Hill to interview 500 extremely successful men and, from the experience, distil the secret of success into a simple workable formula.

He accepted the challenge and the resulting book – Think and Grow Rich – took him 20 years to produce. This book has sold more than thirty million copies worldwide and been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other philosophy of achievement. In Will Edwards’ book Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, his ‘secret’ for creating wealth is outlined in a simple 7-step formula that anyone can apply to create abundance.

One of the best self help books on the subject of creating wealth and making money, download your copy today and begin using the secret to change your life, acquire the millionaire mindset, and start creating your own personal fortune!

Joanna Carver is one month away from traveling the world—or at least as far as she can while working on a cruise ship.

She’s excited, except for one thing: she’s being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. And when he corners her in a grocery store, she grabs the arm of the single hot man walking up to her, proclaiming they’re engaged.

Billionaire, Tucker Burch is the eldest of the Burch kids, and he’s got a month to get married. His grandfather wanted him settled, and the only way he can get the deeds to the majority of the Burch Ranch is if he’s married by the time he’s thirty-one. The only problem is he doesn’t want to marry, not after he had his heart broken.

When Joanna needs a safe haven for a month, it’s like the universe is looking out for him. They agree on two simple rules: everything is pretend, and no feelings allowed.

But fate has other plans for them…can Tucker let down his walls and let Joanna in? And will Joanna find trust with the billionaire bachelor?

You are on the planet to achieve something important with your life and, within your heart, you know this is true!

Like everyone else, you want success but you also feel there is more to life than that. You are here to achieve something significant and important, and you are ready to make it happen.

Using the exact methods taught in this life-changing self help book, many people have gone on to achieve outstanding success, and so can you.

The culmination of many years of study and application of the principles of success, The Deepest Desire of Your Heart is much more than a self help book. It is the personal success blueprint you have been waiting for to kick-start you on your journey to outstanding success.

A social media campaign to create a day of world peace. Time stoppages. Fates intertwining. Karma visiting a man on his last day on earth. All these treats and more await the reader …

These tales by Richard Dietrich Maddox range from the romantic to the spiritual, from contemporary life to science fiction. Characters have premonitions of their final days of life, come face-to-face with celestial beings, fall into cracks in the time continuum, and seek true happiness on a televised show. Readers will enjoy the lush style and imaginative flair of these offerings.

Short Stories and Tales is a collection of mysterious and beautiful stories. If you like philosophical journeys, divine discoveries, and romantic interludes, then you’ll adore Richard Dietrich Maddox’s magical tales.

A collection of Short Stories that will open up an Ali Baba’s cave of wondrous delights!

A totally Badass guide to achieving financial success through writing.

If you want to make money and you don’t know how to start, this book is for you. The internet is full of get rich schemes and bad advice on how to start making money.

Good advice is definitely rare, but this personal account of how I managed to create my own online success story can become your blueprint too.

This story is an allegory that follows my personal journey, describing how I built an online income from scratch. Read it today and begin your journey to success, the right way. Because it may be true that you are a badass, but you want to start making money … and to do that, you need to stop thinking and start planning!

One of the best self help books on the subject of making money.

Schoolteacher Brielle “Bri” Montgomery wonders where all the good men have gone. They certainly don’t waltz through her meticulous life in Texas. Venturing out of her comfort zone, she joins her archaeologist mother on a dig in Scotland… and finds herself transported 400 years into the past. Shocked and bewildered, Bri learns she’s just moments away from marrying an impossibly sexy Scotsman…

Eoin Conall has no interest in wedding the woman who irritates him to no end. But with the promise to his dying father fresh in his mind, he ties the knot with his insufferable bride. To his surprise, something has changed about her. Something irresistible. Could he be falling for the wife he never wanted?

With the chiseled man of her dreams standing before her, Bri wishes she wasn’t well aware of history’s impending slaughter of Eoin and the entire Conall Clan. Unable to accept his gruesome fate, she sets out to rewrite history.

Will Bri and Eoin succeed in protecting their impossible romance or is their heartbreaking fate already sealed?

Love Beyond Time is the first book in the enchanting Morna’s Legacy series of time-travel romances. If you like sexy highlanders, strong-willed heroines, and adventures that transport you across time, then you’ll love Bethany Claire’s sweeping page-turner.

A private corporation lands on Mars before NASA in the 2020’s.

The secrets they learn from the Martian rock revolutionize energy and genetics for those exposed to an ancient artifact of unknown origin. On Earth, mismanagement of the world economy led to a global collapse. The corporation, rich from its exploits on Mars, buys out the debt of the world governments and takes total control of the globe. Corporate greed drives Earth to treat her own Martian colonies as slaves for personal gain. These colonies throw off the corporate oppression in a violent revolution.

Fast forward to the year 2048 and Bowen, a competition fighter with a twisted sense of sarcastic humor, witnesses his world being ripped in half when the Martian colonists come back bringing a tidal wave of vengeance. In order to survive and stop the horrific violence he learns he must bring a naïve princess of the Martian Empire to safety.

Joanna, a cold-hearted warrior and personal guard of the princess, harbors deep hatred for the corporation and the people of Earth who killed everyone she once held dear on Mars. She learns her leaders are not who they say they are and finds herself caught in the middle of a deep conspiracy fabricated to create the war. She senses her confused feelings toward Bowen constantly splitting between wanting to kill him and wanting to kiss him.

Vladimir, a boisterous alcoholic with a passion for archery, has his nice vacation in Los Angeles turned into a harrowing fight for survival. With luck, skill, and a lot of vodka, he manages to meet up with others seeking to end the war. His attention keeps getting distracted by a hot computer hacker running surveillance for him and his team.

Low spent her whole adult life working as a computer hacker for the corporation. All she’s ever known is punching binary numbers and loyalty to her employers. Upon working an assignment with a crack team thrown together at the last minute she learns she can trust no one in her chain of command. Large powers are committing violent acts to keep the war going, but working together with Bowen, Joanna, and Vladimir, she thinks they might be just enough to set things right.

Having to cope with the school bully is bad enough, but it’s not just the other kids who are a problem.

Some of the teachers – bordering on psycho – are employing the carrot-and-stick method of motivation … without the carrot.

And then, there’s Shakespeare – what use is that going to be?

Set in England following World War II, this moving, and at times funny, coming-of-age story celebrates the special bond between two best friends – a bond stronger than death itself.

“Throughout my childhood, I heard stories of Liverpool lads getting up to mischief – this book brought these moments to life. This is really a story from a different world, and one that I am very glad to have finally had the pleasure of reading.” – Amazon Review

Ugliness is power, and the Virus of Beauty is spreading causing panic throughout the witch population.

Wilf Gilvary is a teenage wizard who is terrified of using magic. When his father dies under mysterious circumstances, Wilf is plunged into the middle of a political struggle between the witches and wizards in the Magical Realm.

He’d rather play soccer than practice magic, but he’s forced to make a choice between the life of a normal Hong Kong teen and one of wizardry after a powerful virus begins to decimate the witch community.

The cure is spellbound in a journal Wilf inherited from his father and when his friend Katryna contracts the virus, Wilf understands that he must overcome his fear of magic to unlock the journal’s secrets – but will it be too late to save her?

Scarlet Bay – where passions run deep, and surely everyone deserves a summertime treat?

A walk on the wild side for uptight Anna Wynn so she can try and forget her shameful secret. An unexpected roll in the hay for unsettled Jason Jones – who doesn’t know how much he craves the tender touch of a worthwhile woman. They’ve no future together, of course. But…

Jason’s dreams of photography were ruthlessly crushed by his alcoholic father, and instead he’s become the the strong, focussed boss of his own construction company. Now, uptight interfering Anna Wynn is threatening to turn his life upside down.

Anna has arrived at the idyllic beach house to prepare for her wealthy family’s Christmas vacation. Big tough Jason Jones is right in the way – even in the bed she intended claiming as her own. She vows not to let this infuriating tower of testosterone upset her careful plans, but his rippling body and huge tattoo are hard to ignore.

Soon her closed-off heart is under siege from a man determined to break through her reserve. Enemies become lovers, but when her secret is revealed and her life is in tatters, will he be willing to pick up the pieces?

SUMMER SPARKS is intended for mature readers.


Two eccentric, young American women in a tense British town. What can possibly go wrong??!

Annette’s a lecturer. Dewy’s a shambles whose magazine experience at Harper’s and Elle qualifies her for a job at the local paper. Flawed, rude, beautiful, she meets front-line Britain: food-banks, Brexit fears, job-losses, crime, pollution, universal credit, fracking, property scams…

She soon battles local politicians (and the paper’s complacent male staff). She drinks often and knows in her heart she’s no good for Annette now. But how do you end it with the love of your life?

Welcome to Farrisford, Devon, England, where: 14-year-old Jade defies her right-wing family, lovelorn Millie Zena shields Marlon Wright and his white foster dad from racists, and where main employer Alpha Staplers is transformed by insane modern management.

Contains romance, strong heroines and political rage.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll change the world – triple guaranteed!

For centuries, the Daegon waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike.

The core worlds of settled space enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star kingdom of Albion stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be the first to suffer the Daegon’s fury.

Defying his low born status, and despite his self-doubt, Commodore Thomas Gage has risen through the ranks by sheer grit and determination, defending Albion from brutal pirate clans.

And when the onslaught comes, Gage and his fleet may be Albion’s last hope for freedom.

A new military science-fiction series for fans of Honor Harrington, Earth Alone and Old Man’s War from the author of the best-selling Ember War Saga.

Heart in pieces post-divorce, Lucy Winthrop visits her Uncle Ben Morgan’s ranch …

There, she meets his younger brother, Richard. Her new neighbor back east, Richard is a self-made billionaire who goes after what he wants, and he wants Lucy.

Back home in New England, they begin a white hot love affair. As the heat pumps up, Lucy tries to step back, scared she is in too deep, too fast. Will this gorgeous Morgan man let her go? And, in pulling away, is she giving up a dream of happiness she never thought possible?

As Lucy and Richard’s love story unfolds, join another branch of the Morgan family in this first book of Morgan’s Fire!

Treasure, secrets and a legacy built on love… 

Needing a break from her troubled brother, a summer spent living in and researching a historic stagecoach house on the Turner Creek Ranch sounds heavenly to history teacher Melody Chandler.

The ranch is owned by three brothers and she accepts the job offer from the eldest brother. She doesn’t realize until she’s already settled into the house for the summer that cowboy Seth Turner does not want her there meddling into the families past and demands that she leave. Melody can’t help but wonder what the handsome cowboy has to hide and she’s not leaving since her contract is with Seth’s brother?

Seth Turner manages the families ranch and isn’t happy about his brother hiring the pretty history teacher to dig into their past. But when Melody discovers a treasure map and a Texas legend they join together to find the secret treasure. Soon they are drawn together but Melody has secrets of her own that may threaten to tear them apart? This is a Texas matchmakers story that has it all, romance, treasure hunt and a pumpkin chunking feud between the folks of Mule Hollow that will have you laughing and loving this book.

This book touches the heart and the funny bone. Welcome to the Turner Creek Ranch where the legacy of love lives strong.

A captivating love story about two people looking for each other lifetime after lifetime.

A peasant and a botanist in a distant galaxy; a princess and a slave in Thebes, Egypt during the Middle Kingdom; a soldier and a nurse in the first and second world war; a photo journalist and an artist in Los Angeles, California.

Canvas of Time is the story of two soulmates on a journey to find each other across time.

What would you do for love and how far would you go?

“I love how love is stronger than anything and that finally, one lifetime is not the end and that there will be always other chances to actually make it happen. Loved it!” – Amazon Review

My name is Sarah Dearly, and I’m having a week from hell—literally.

My blind date bit me and made me into a vampire, and now I’m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters who want to introduce me to their wooden stakes.

While fleeing for my life on four-inch stilettos, my path crossed with the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met. Thierry de Bennicoeur is a sexy, 600-year-old master vampire with a death wish. And here’s my plan: I’m going to convince him to guide me in my dangerous and unpredictable new vampire life, and in return, I’ll show him that life’s still worth living. To complicate matters, a vampire hunter named Quinn is after me, and he can’t seem to decide if he wants to kill me or kiss me.

Being a vampire sucks, but it sure isn’t boring!

“Rowen hits the nail (or is it the stake?) on the head with her feisty debut novel…a true modern girl’s guide to (vampire) life.” – Publishers Weekly

Hofen is both thrilled and terrified when the peacekeepers’ guild adopts him a year early.

But he painfully learns surviving until his thirteenth birthday–when his guild training begins–won’t be easy. Bullied inside and out of the guildhall for being an “outskirts” boy and denied access to the fighting skills a peacekeeper apprentice studies, he must secretly learn to protect himself on his own–even though discovery of his clandestine spying means expulsion.

Fused between rigid traditionalism and inexplicable technology, the Scriptures of Bellisprodus dictate all the rules for this moralistic, guild-based culture. The peacekeepers are sworn to enforce and defend these Scriptures with their lives. So when the peacekeeper masters learn of a plot that threatens the very fabric of their society, Hofen must overcome his fear of losing this new life and home he’s come to love in order to preserve it.

PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE is an exciting fantasy tale with a touch of coming-of-age that promises to delight both YA and Adult readers of all ages.

Jack has been praised all his life for his extraordinary artistic talent and is rarely seen without his sketchpad.

However, in Jack’s world art is considered a hobby – men are expected to have jobs that offer security and advancement.

Future responsibilities are far from Jack’s thoughts when he travels to London to visit relatives. On the crossing, Jack’s drawings astonish a fellow artist, Margaret. Convinced of his potential, she introduces him to the Bloomsbury set, exposing him to a world where peoples lives are dictated by passions rather than social conventions and art is central to their existence.

Accepting a thrilling opportunity to study modern art in Paris, Jack’s life is forever changed. He forms a deep friendship with fellow student, Andrés and his sister, Sofia, whose dark eyes and sweet smile captivate his heart. Together, the trio explore Paris at the height of its golden age. Mentoring from Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso affirm Jack’s talent, and he has never felt so happy.

Despite experiencing the richness and freedom of life of an artist, accompanied by the wonder and turmoil of perfect love, Jack is plagued by the responsibilities that call him home.

When tragedy threatens, Jack is torn: should he follow the well-laid plans for his future or pursue a path set to disappoint his family and which offers only uncertainty?

From million-copy bestseller Daniel Arenson comes THE EARTHLING, a sweeping tale of courage, honor, and terror among the stars.

Jon Taylor is an Earthling. He doesn’t care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet many light-years away.

After the funeral, Jon joins the army. He learns to kill. And he flies to Bahay, sworn to avenge his brother.

Centuries ago, Filipino colonists arrived on Bahay to build a utopia. But this world has become a nightmare. Jon finds himself in a dizzying dreamscape, a world of dark jungles and neon slums, of ruthless guerrillas and intoxicating bargirls, of blood-soaked battlefields and glittering brothels. Here on Bahay, a man can lose his life in the jungle, lose his sanity in the gleaming drug dens, or lose his heart to a local girl with a sweet smile and knife behind her back.

On Bahay, nothing is as it seems. In this place of strange dreams and secrets, Jon hunts the man who killed his brother. But he learns that revenge always comes with a price…

Serial entrepreneur, Cunchie addict and cat servant, Kathy Dee reveals exactly how she is making money.

Kathy’s reports provide working plans for making money, without any fluff at all. In her reports, you get the ideas, with nothing withheld, and the necessary direction you need to start making money right away.

This is the complete collection of her short reports on the subject of making money including:

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Get your copy of this omnibus edition containing the complete set of Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans today!

A woman is the last thing on Ben Morgan’s mind as he comes home to Morgan’s Run, his family’s ranch in Saguaro Valley.

Doctor’s orders, he’s home to heal, but the sooner he can get back to Santa Barbara, the better. Then he runs into Maggie Williams on Main Street, prompting vivid memories of a magical night, and Ben’s ailing heart skips a beat.

Father of her beloved five year old daughter, the eldest of the Morgan sons is the last person Maggie expects to have crash into her car and back into her life. For years, she has struggled to forget him and to make a life for herself and her daughter, Emma, the mirror image of a father, who is unaware of her existence.

Now, here he is, looking more gorgeous than the day he ran out of town. Maggie swears Ben Morgan will never break her heart again.

He’d killed before. Infidelity made him kill again.

Now taking the lives of all the women who’ve wronged him is his only focus.

In this tightly plotted thriller, homicide lieutenant Nash Harrington realizes one horrific crime of passion is the beginning of a spree. A misogynistic killer is targeting every woman he believes has wronged him… including one who Harrington loves.

Wrath is the first novel in the can’t-miss, read-all-night, Lieutenant Harrington Series. Believable plots (and that’s what’s troubling) set the stage for some dark and gritty cop vs. killer action in the streets of Miami. Join Nash and his team as they pursue justice for the innocent and go head to head with some of the most ruthless and homicidal adversaries imaginable.

Could you hold your nerve to steal eight million euro in order to save your partner’s life?

That’s the dilemma facing Vincent Butler – a well-respected bank manager in Dublin’s city centre.

Both he and his boyfriend of 10 years, Ryan Harkness, assume they are waking up to a regular working day when their alarm beeps at seven a.m. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Within minutes, Ryan’s life is at stake after wannabe gangster Darragh Galligan forces his way into their plush apartment. He informs them he will be holding Ryan at gunpoint while Vincent is tasked with carrying out a record-breaking heist.

Vincent must visit the vaults of each of the four bank branches he manages to steal eight million euros. If he doesn’t follow orders, Ryan will be killed.

He doesn’t have long.

Ex –Federal Agent David Dunn runs across the trail of an old nemesis, the international arms dealer, known only as THE KHAN.

David and his boss, Olivia, follow the Khan’s bloody trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado and then on to New York City. Afterwards the action shifts to the mountains of the Middle East in the Kurdistan region.

An action packed hard- boiled detective thriller that will hold you mesmerized as the hard-boiled detective ruthlessly pursues his goal of revenge against the Khan.

From the American Southwest to urban ghettos, the wastelands of Asia, and the deserts of Mexico, this techno-thriller delivers riveting action and heart thumping excitement.

This book is filled with nonstop action as members engaged in the illegal arms trade stop at nothing to deter David in his quest to find THE KHAN.

If you like breathless action with gun battles, knife fights, airport explosions, and associated mayhem, this novel is for you.

Raine’s spent a lifetime hunting monsters.

But can she stop her prey from exposing the supernatural community one bloody corpse at a time?

Everyone fears the hunter in the shadows—especially the monsters…

Raine McCord, forged in the brutal maelstrom of magic and science, is an elite hunter at home hunting monsters through the murky shadows of the supernatural world of the Kyn. Not the easiest job when you’re trying to keep the humans ignorant of the existence of creatures typically confined to campfire tales. It gets harder when a series of disappearances and deaths in the Kyn community suggests someone wants to rip the thin veil of secrecy aside and expose the horror lurking behind the curtain.

To offset the challenge, Raine is forced to partner with another hunter, the sexy and tantalizing Witch-Fey, Gavin Durand. Their partnership proves to be as challenging and dangerous as the prey they hunt. Especially when the trail leads back to the foundation that warped Raine’s magic as a child and threatens to resurrect the nightmares of her past.

Determine to stop the threat to the Kyn, Raine and Gavin stalk their prey through a maze of lies, murder, and greed, but will the price they pay be too high?

A mystery, comedy, thriller and urban fantasy all-in-one from USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Amy Vansant.

When Catriona spots a plaid posterior passed out on the Hollywood movie lot where she works, she doesn’t know her life as a fixer for Hollywood’s spoiled elite is about to grow more complicated.

She wants to write-off the ridiculously sexy, kilt-wearing Brochan as a con artist, but her adoptive father seems strangely comfortable with a man claiming to have no memory of his past or knowledge of the modern world.

A red-bearded thug, an old picture and a three hundred year-old vendetta soon have Catriona worried she could lose everything – including her mysterious time traveling Scotsman.

A Highlander followed her home…Can she keep him?

Peter hated him…and the murder was brutal.

Could he really be the killer?

Peter served his country in Afghanistan. The brain injury was severe. To survive in the hospital, he kept his focus on the one thing that mattered, Mary. What he found back home, broke him.

Mary was with Billy, the bully who terrorized his childhood.

When the police arrested him for Billy’s murder, they had just one problem…

…Peter claimed he couldn’t remember what he did that night.

Detective Luca’s career can’t afford another mistake. This case could be a problem, though, as the obvious suspect doesn’t remember a thing. Is Peter trying to pull a fast one?

Who else could have done it?

There’s more at play than meets the eye. Politics and personal demons plague him. Luca’s career and maybe his life are on the line.

You’ll love this riveting book one in the Luca Mystery police procedural series, because of the unexpected plot twists.

Four identical sisters are prophesied to hold the fate of the entire world in their powerful hands. 

Meet the Witches of Port Townsend…

Moira. A water witch, Moira has always been a healer, but the one soul she can’t mend is her own. When a magical spell summons her away from the safety of the Bayou, she doesn’t foresee that Conquest, the first deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse is the mysterious danger she’d been hiding from. But the discoveries don’t stop there, she has three sisters who looks exactly like her, and their stories are as unbelievable as her own.

Claire. A fire witch, Claire’s a passionate woman cursed by her powers, longing to find someone who can withstand her love. She believes she’s forever destined to be alone until she receives a message summoning her “home.” The world’s most violent man stands between her and her family, and even if she wins the battle, she may lose her heart to War. 

Aerin. An air witch, Aerin is a ruthless businesswoman well on her way to ruling the corporate world, until she discovers she not only has three identical sisters, but their fates are entwined with the apocalypse. When she meets Pestilence, an immortal whose destiny is to wipe out entire civilizations, she not only withstands his lethal touch, she craves it. 

Tierra. An earth witch, Tierra is all about nature and nurturing her relationships with her newfound sisters. Family means everything to her, and she’ll do whatever she must to keep her sisters safe. But unless she can resist Death himself, humanity’s prospects are grim.

The de Moray sisters clash with the most dangerous immortals the earth has ever known. Locked on opposing sides of a battle older than time, their fight is only the beginning…of the end

Lothar the Usurper has stolen his brother’s throne.

And now he squats upon it, thinking of how to get rid of his troublesome niece, Jael Furyck. Brekka’s most famous warrior. The one they thought would be queen after her father’s death.

Her presence hangs over him like an axe. A constant threat to his ambitions which stretch far beyond his already generous borders.

But when an unexpected visitor arrives in Andala, Lothar discovers a way to hurt Jael without ever getting his greedy hands dirty…

Kings of Fate is a prequel to The Furyck Saga: a gripping epic fantasy series that takes you into a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and an ancient prophecy that emerges from the darkness to weave a dangerous web around them all.

This book is FREE on Friday 9th March

Marjorie Hardaway is worried her Cozy Kitten Cafe might soon go out of business.

A property developer is building a rival store on the section in front, blocking out the wonderful view. However, her concern is soon replaced with a more serious problem when a new calico kitten turns out to be a witness to a murder!

When the police investigation into the killing points an accusing finger at her friend, Marjorie feels compelled to help. Especially as the sergeant in charge is overlooking a chief suspect—the same rogue land developer who’s the bane of her existence.

Soon she has break-ins, upset kittens, and an eligible bachelor to contend with. But with investigators looking in the wrong direction, Marjorie must rely on her wits and community knowledge to solve the murder and bring the true perpetrator to justice before they can strike again.

Marjorie’s Cozy Kitten Cafe Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads perfect for filling in time waiting for appointments, commuting to work, or when your significant other insists on watching the show that makes you roll your eyes!

They are chock-a-block full of kittens but I promise there’s no swearing, no cliffhangers, and no graphic scenes.

New technology allowed humans to reach for the stars. Now technology has led to war.

Opposing AI systems battle in a monumental struggle for control of the galaxy. But one planet remains a refuge of independent thought. Lute is home to pirates, harboring ruthless companies of warships hunting for prey.

The pirates are offered the spoils of war, for a price. Captain Christopher Raleigh leads his crew in an effort to snag a lucrative transport on the opposing side. Along with the ship, he snares the Tetrarch’s daughter and several hundred indentured servants.

But not all are who they seem. As the bodies pile up, Raleigh has to figure out who is telling the truth and decide if the spoils of war are truly worth it.

It’s the Swinging Sixties, and Paul and Cellina Farrell are the “it” couple on Chicago’s affluent North Shore.

He’s handsome, rich, and a partner at a prestigious law firm. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and leads the crowd in all things fashion, interior design and elegance. They live in a mansion on Winnetka Road with their baby girl, Simone. Their life seems picture perfect.

But there is something dark and unnatural stirring beneath Paul’s smooth exterior.

Cellina doesn’t notice. She’s too busy with her constant renovations and trips to Paris, Palm Beach and Percocet.

Their friends don’t notice. They’re too blinded by the Farrell good looks, money, and standing in society.

But the baby nurse sees.

And little Simone.

Façades are beginning to crack at the big house on Winnetka Road.

This book is Free on Amazon from Jan 2nd until Jan 3rd, 2022.

If there is one thing that parents should inspire in their children, it is the belief that they can achieve anything they set their hearts upon.

This book not only provides the inspiration, it also shows the practical method your kids can apply to succeed.

• The Power of Gratitude
• The Importance of Having a Dream
• How to Pass School Exams
• The Stick-to-it-ness Principle
• Instant Motivation for Kids

A self help book written specially for children, this is the book you have been itching to give to your kids. Written by Will Edwards, author of the bestselling inspirational title The 7 Keys to Success (and father of two super kids) this motivational book can turn your kids into high achievers.

They killed everyone she loved, and now they are coming for her

She’s a fearless, wild beauty, hungry for pleasure and thirsty for justice … loyal, stubborn, trouble … meet Gia.

Giada Valentina Santella is trying to drown the grief of losing her parents with self-destructive behavior: drinking too much, driving too fast and picking up men in bars. But when an unexpected letter reveals that her loved ones’ were murdered, Gia changes her focus to revenge.

Vowing to find the one responsible, the grieving daughter must stay one step ahead of a ruthless plot to end her family line. To avoid yet another family death, Gia has a bloody choice to make: kill or be killed.

A battle to save a young Nun from the demon that possess her leaves the cold waters of an English bay haunted and cursed.

Centuries later and with fish stocks low and financial worries growing, a captain decides to take his vessel and crew into the dark waters of the Devil’s Bay in an attempt to find fish.

But what they find is a dark and vengeful entity, hell bent on unleashing hell on earth.

An occult horror tale that will make your toes curl!

When a local landscaper vanishes, Madeline Simpson knows she was the last person to see him alive – because she killed him.

With a serial sex offender on the loose, Detectives DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey already have their hands full. It’s only when another death occurs that a link between the two cases comes to light, and Madeline finds herself the focus of their investigation.

While attempting to keep her deadly secret, Madeline stumbles upon clues that point to the true identity of the sex offender. She’s closing in when tragedy strikes, and the death toll increases.

But DS Amanda Lacey has no idea how close she is to the killer as her work and personal lives collide.

How long will she have to wait to find out the full truth?

If you like firecracker characters, imaginative story lines, and British crime dramas, then you’ll love this captivating story.

Missing children. Murderous secrets. Corrupt conspiracies.

When a child mysteriously vanishes from the elite sleep-away facility Camp Crescent Moon, Carolina Caccia travels out of her way to take the case.

In the backwoods of North Carolina, she confronts her deepest terrors: loneliness and failure. With each passing day, she is less likely to locate the missing child, but strange happenings at the camp distract her.

To make matters worse, a dangerous hurricane is on the way, and Carolina doesn’t know if she can survive the storm.

A Killer Prowls The Streets Of Washington, D.C.

A few short blocks from the safety of the museums and monuments on the National Mall, a ruthless murderer roams the Capital, stalking his prey. Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask joins a team of FBI agents and police detectives as they try and solve a series of brutal murders. As the body count rises, the investigation leads to a chilling confrontation with the leader of an international drug smuggling ring, and no one is safe, not even the police.

Capital Kill uses a backdrop story of the dangerous Jamaican drug “posses” that were responsible for dramatic increases in the murder rates from New York to Miami in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to create a vivid and accurate police procedural of federal and local teamwork from investigation to prosecution.

Written by former Washington prosecutor Marc Rainer, Capital Kill is a swirling thrill ride through the labyrinth of a major federal investigation and trial, with a gripping conclusion that no one will see coming.

A little sweet tea and a whole lot of spells won’t always put out the fire…

Welcome to Jewell, NC, a small strip of land on the Crystal Coast with no stop signs or traffic lights, but it’s got a whole lot of magic. Ruby Mae Jewell helps run the family business of selling antiques and refurbished goods. But with old objects, you never know when one of them possesses more than just dust and cobwebs.

When Rue hits up a flea market, she gets more than she bargained for. Finding a potentially dangerous magical object, she has to get it off the market and out of mortal hands. But when more research reveals its threatening nature to the magical community as well, she’s put to the test of what to do…especially when the find someone murdered on their land who was looking for it.

Ruby Mae struggles to balance doing the right thing and saving her family at all costs. But when things turn from bad to worse, it may get harder for her to know which choices to make.

Will her fiery personality and powers be able to solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt or will Ruby Mae’s efforts to solve the murder go up in smoke?

Grab a sweet tea and a rocking chair to find out in Flea Market Magic: Book 1 of Southern Relics Cozy Mysteries!

A Dusty Kent mystery by an Amazon Best Selling author!

It was a silent death. One blow to her head was all it took.

The killer struck Marcia Hamilton, a sixty-year-old grandmother, from behind. Marcia’s status as a distinguished author could not save her. The killer rolled her body, ‘like a piece of discarded junk’, down into a gully where it remained for almost two weeks.

This murder is the most heinous crime imaginable: the crime of matricide. Dusty Kent is sure of that. But which of Marcia’s four offspring would be capable of such a deed?

Dusty must try to stop this ruthless killer before another member of the family dies.

A Devious Mind is an enthralling whodunit awash with mystery and atmosphere.

This collection contains the complete first season of thrilling zombie apocalypse saga, Dead Days — all SIX episodes that make up the first series.

How would you survive the Dead Days?

Riley Jameson is a regular guy. A little hard-of-luck and going through a rough time at work, but nothing he can’t handle.

That was until the creatures rose. The dead started walking. Feasting on human flesh, their hunger insatiable. The police are gone. The government has collapsed. The world as Riley knew it has changed, forever.

In this new, terrifying world, Riley is forced to think quick and act fast in order to survive. His morals will be pushed to the very limit, forcing the question: can humanity survive the onslaught of the dead, not only on the outside but on the inside?

There will be blood. There will be tears. In the Dead Days, nobody is safe.

I’m Kalos Aeon. I’ve been around for longer than you could know

… and most people don’t want to know me, being half-demon, and all – but right now I’ve got a big f’in problem.

A woman just came into my office, and I gotta say, from the photo she slipped me, someone’s got a serious issue with the supernatural.

Life expectancy is looking kinda low if I don’t figure out who’s kidnapping magical creatures, selling their blood and trying to reveal magic’s existence to the mortal world. Last time that happened it didn’t end well.

I’m not optimistic about this time, either.

Her education was unusual…

…and that might just give her a chance.

Can Lexi survive an assassin?

Lexi didn’t have a normal childhood; she was raised by the intelligence community. They saw her potential and now, with a target on her back, she needs to figure out who’s after her and why. And where did her mentor go?

If she was going to get answers … she would need some help.

Who could she trust?

At twenty, Lexi isn’t like most women her age. She can fight, has a brilliant mind, and an intuition that borders on psychic. She knows one man who would be perfect, but he can’t find out who she is and what she’s been taught.

It’s a delicate balance. What’s her next move?

You’ll love this thrill ride of a story, because Lexi is a considerable woman up against an unstoppable foe. The stakes are real. You won’t want to put it down.

Another winner from Kathy Dee to add to her ‘Practically Perfect Plans’ for Making Money.

In this eye-opener of a report, the fifth of Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans, famous cat servant and serial entrepreneur, Kathy Dee tells how she makes money on Quora, revealing her own unique and powerful strategy for success.

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If your blood pressure is abnormally high, you are right to be concerned.

Hypertension increases your risk of developing a whole variety of serious medical conditions including heart attack, stroke and chronic heart failure.

This guide shows how to succeed in reducing your blood pressure without having to resort to medication.

A well-researched paper that provides a simple and effective plan that is proven to work, this book will be your guide to restoring balance into your life and reaping the wonderful health benefits that ensue.

If you have high blood pressure (hypertension), this book contains everything you need to know to reduce it, in a completely natural way, without any need for medication.

What you don’t know about your spouse could kill you.

Jens Corbin is a comfortable, successful writer, with a wife and a teenage son. After saving a man from a bear attack in the New Hampshire mountains, Jens decides to step away from his popular but formulaic mystery series to begin a new cycle, featuring a female protagonist devoted to saving kidnapped children.

Unbeknownst to him, a convicted murderer has been released from prison after twenty years. A killer who is vengeful, angry. A killer who used to be married to Jens’ wife!

Writing about killers is one thing, but outwitting them in real life is another. How far would you go to protect your family?

An intelligent thriller about a writer who has to fight for everything he’s ever cared about — because of his wife’s hidden past.

Learn how to make money on Twitter.

In this report, cat servant, Crunchie addict and aspiring NYT bestselling writer, Kathy Dee, spills the beans, explaining how she achieved outstanding success with viral marketing tactics and tells how anyone can use Twitter to make money with her most effective method.

This brand new series of Practically Perfect Plans from the full-time author and entrepreneur embraces Amazon’s notion of the 15 minute read and provides practical methods for making money online, without any of the fluff. It represents quite a challenge to get the entirety of a good money-making idea into such a short text, says Kathy, but that is a challenge she willingly accepts.

A 15 Minute Read (Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans Book 4) this report is yet another brilliant social media marketing plan from Kathy Dee.

Chaos, murder, and a hint of sizzling romance descend on East Africa in this electrifying page-turner of a mystery.

Journalist Alex Derksen’s new assignment in Tanzania should be easy, but he soon finds himself on the wrong side of the news. It starts when he meets Ranna, a beautiful photographer with something to hide. Alex stopped believing in love a long time ago, yet here in the middle of East Africa, it’s found him again.

Alex knows a thing or two about chaos—wherever he goes, it follows. When an IT billionaire washes up onshore after seasonal flooding, he finds himself at the center of an investigation with Ranna as the main suspect. It turns out she may have a good reason for hiding her past.

Wherever she goes, murder follows.

Alex should be used to these cat-and-mouse games, but this time it’s different. Should he listen to his heart and help Ranna hide the bloody trail leading to her? Or should he use his head and run for his life?

FBI agent David Cole’s life is turned upside down when his daughter Hannah is kidnapped …

Hannah Cole, a young graduate student attending George Washington University, and her father David Cole, a senior FBI agent, enjoy a happy life together in Arlington, Virginia. Due to the nature of his job, and having been a single father for most of Hannah’s life, David has always been fiercely protective of his daughter and has taken great strides to keep her safe. But when Hannah is kidnapped from their home one night, their world is turned upside down.

With the force of the FBI behind him, including his best friend Juliet Grayson, trusted partner Chris Tyler, and rookie agent Eli Shaw, David rushes to find his daughter, while Hannah struggles to stay alive, both of them racing against a deadline that could mean the end of Hannah’s life.

How to make money on Amazon using the loophole method.

This report concerns what cat servant and hopeless Crunchie addict, Kathy Dee, likes to refer to as the loophole method; it is essentially, a peculiarity of the way the Associates program is administered and it is how she is making money on Amazon right now.

This ground-breaking new series from an aspiring NYT bestselling writer embraces Amazon’s notion of the 15 minute read. It represents quite a challenge to get the entirety of a good money-making idea into such a short text, says Kathy, but that is a challenge she willingly accepts.

A 15 Minute Read (Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans Book 3), this is another winning plan from Kathy Dee.

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The hottest summer brings the first flames of love. Love is dangerous. It collides with culture, and culture is defied with rebellion.

She promised herself to me.

Ryder is the small town’s local college boy. It’s summertime, and he’s at the beach when he sees a young, college girl. Their eyes lock together.
Intrigued by her, he wants to approach her but she quickly disappears.
Disappointed he returns home, but he sees her the next day in his summer class.

Good girls don’t fall in love. They only obey.

From a traditional Middle Eastern family, Cyrah is a young foreign-exchange student. She’s studying abroad in a summer program of the small-town. Intimidated by her beauty, Ryder begins writing love letters to her.
She is flattered but tries to steer clear from him. But then an incident happens that draws these two star-crossed lovers together. Slowly, she begins breaking all the rules and reciprocates the same feelings. But summer doesn’t last forever though, and Cyrah has to leave.

Their love story is forbidden.

A wanted serial killer and his girlfriend are on a bloody killing spree across the United States.

Agents Hank Rawlings and Beth Harper, along with the rest of their team, are on a nationwide manhunt to bring them to justice.

Scene after scene and body after body only add to the media coverage. The wanted couple’s faces are splashed across every television and cover the front pages of every newspaper, yet Hank’s team remains a step behind—leaving them searching through the wreckage and bodies left in the couple’s wake.

As the pair takes a turn for the border, Hank must pull out all the stops to capture the murderous lovers before they take more lives, cross the border, and slip through the FBI’s grasp.

The hunt is on.

Indiana Beckham’s lifelong goal has just been cut down.

Banned from competing in Olympic fencing, she jumps at the chance to join a research project that could make her the best. But to unlock the promise of her unlimited potential, Indiana must endure a risky, life-altering transformation.

Lieutenant Arthur MacGabran has a mission: advance humanity in a single generation. Eager to prove his neuro-technology, he ignores the dangers and recruits his first live test subject. But when Indiana’s enchanted abilities turn deadly, he’ll have to keep a shocking secret to fuel his twisted dream.

As Indiana harnesses her super-skills, the project and its subjects teeter on the edge of termination.

Will the fencer’s attempt to better herself end up destroying her instead?

Fall to Earth is the first book in the action-packed Pillars of Fire and Light military sci-fi series. If you like high-stakes technology, intriguing characters, and super-human soldiers, then you’ll love Ken Britz’s thrilling novel.

Over 2 Million people have enjoyed this International Bestseller!

An inspirational book that will change your life, The 7 Keys to Success contains an important message – it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live. Once you acquire these seven important keys, you will not only go on to be astonishingly successful in life, you will also know that inner peace that comes from living a life that truly matters; one that actually makes a difference.

The late Stephen Covey once said that all of the habits outlined in his famous bestseller (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) were to be found in every major world religion. Exactly the same is true of the seven success principles contained in this book.

This self help bestseller is available in eBook format, Paperback, and Audio (free with Audible trial).

The Dark Trail

FBI Profiler Special Agent Sean Kruger is called back to the FBI from his special task force when his long-time friend and current Deputy Director of the FBI, Alan Seltzer is brutally murdered during his morning bike ride. As Kruger is thrown into the investigation, he quickly finds out Alan was not the first high-profile African American to die in a suspicious manner.

Now with the loss of his friend and his pending retirement on his 57th birthday. Kruger must endure a dark trail as he rushes to find Alan’s murderer before he is forced to leave the FBI.

Filled with the trademark twists and turns of a J.C. Fields thriller, The Dark Trail will keep you glued to the pages well past your bedtime.

Mysterious. Fraudulent. Deadly.

When small-time scam artist, Leigh Lacosta, has the chance to score a real job as an investigative diver with the police, she jumps at the opportunity.

But as her past comes back to haunt her, Leigh must choose between a dangerous, illegal career as a treasure hunter and a legitimate, squeaky-clean future.

The problem is, she has debts to pay and little time to pay them.

An unputdownable riveting mystery with a brilliant twist!

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Set in Amsterdam, this captivating thriller is not just about stolen paintings, but also the lives that were stolen.

A portrait holds the key to recovering a cache of looted artwork, secreted away during World War II, in this captivating historical art thriller set in the 1940s and present-day Amsterdam.

When a Dutch art dealer hides the stock from his gallery – rather than turn it over to his Nazi blackmailer – he pays with his life, leaving a treasure trove of modern masterpieces buried somewhere in Amsterdam, presumably lost forever. That is, until American art history student Zelda Richardson sticks her nose in.

After studying for a year in the Netherlands, Zelda scores an internship at the prestigious Amsterdam Museum, where she works on an exhibition of paintings and sculptures once stolen by the Nazis, lying unclaimed in Dutch museum depots almost seventy years later.

When two women claim the same portrait of a young girl entitled Irises, Zelda is tasked with investigating the painting’s history and soon finds evidence that one of the two women must be lying about her past. Before she can figure out which one and why, Zelda learns about the Dutch art dealer’s concealed collection. And that Irises is the key to finding it.

Mardi Gras has secrets…

Like why would Felix’s brother, a well-off and successful doctor, let the midnight train roll over him? Especially just as his new Carnival Krewe prepares for their inaugural parade?

Good question…

Felix has had an easy life coasting by as the black sheep of a wealthy family. He spends his time under the green canopies of Uptown New Orleans, whiling away his days in leisure and mediocrity.

Life in the Big Easy is just that.

But not for long…As Felix must begin the search for the truth behind his big brother’s demise at the worst possible time…

A collection of inspirational poems with a timeless message: our darkest night is always the promise of a wonderful sunrise.

It is the work of nature; it is inescapable. Our trials are promises of better tomorrows. In our dire straits, we must look within ourselves and embrace all the resources available to us: hope, self-compassion, resilience, guidance, direction… All human beings have the will and strength to survive and thrive. Our trials can reveal the wonders that are within us.

“Arise and shine, illuminate the sky Let your light set the world ablaze.”

“These poems point us in the direction of finding the answers within ourselves. We are capable of good things, becoming better people, and finding happiness.”

When 4 teenage girls discover a body, badly beaten, a nice day at the beach goes horribly wrong.

As they embark on a quest to solve the murder, they find themselves as the main suspects.

The girls quickly turn on each other as they are blackmailed by an unknown person and harassed by residents of the small island they live on.

Who killed the boy? Will the girls be next?

This mesmerizing mystery, suspense novel will have you guessing until the end.

Teens and Adults alike will enjoy this mystery series.

A must have for anyone who wants to start practicing Magick, this powerful Book of Shadows will completely transform your life.

In this astonishing book of RITUALS, INCANTATIONS & POTIONS, you will find spells for absolutely every area of your life. From getting your dream job to finding the love of your life, and pretty much everything in between, this catalogue of spells contains some of the most powerful spells ever cast.

Full easy-to-follow instructions are provided for every spell, and there are no complicated ingredients for you to obtain.

With our help and guidance, you can soon become the master of your fate and the captain of your soul, as you transform your love life, attract wealth, prosperity and abundance, and heal yourself both emotionally and physically.

Susan Wiles is blissfully retired from her career as a music teacher.

What a joy to be able to attend the holiday concert without worrying about how her chorus will perform. But wait. Where’s the principal? Susan offers to check, only to find the principal lying dead on her office floor.

Of course, now that she’s retired she has time to help the local police (one of whom is her daughter) solve the mysterious crime. Did the principal die of natural causes? The bruise on her face doesn’t seem severe enough to be fatal. What about that funfetti cupcake sitting on her desk?

Could she have been poisoned?

Susan has just found the perfect retirement activity, much to her daughter’s chagrin. And when the principal’s teenage daughter, one of Susan’s all time favorite students, asks for help – how can she say no? Little does she realize that this crime will take her far from the schoolhouse doors, as she investigates a mystery that extends back into one family’s painful past.

Learn how you too can profit by writing erotic short stories!

In this short report, the second of Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans, famous cat lover and aspiring NYT bestselling writer, Kathy Dee tells how she makes money writing steamy (erotic) romance short stories, revealing her own unique strategy for success.

This new series embraces the notion of the 15 minute read, and accepts the challenge to provide working plans for making money, without any fluff at all. In Kathy’s guides, you get the idea itself, with nothing withheld, and the necessary direction you need to start making money right away.

A 15 Minute Read (Kathy’s Practically Perfect Plans Book 2), this report will get you on the right track to making money writing steamy short stories.

Molly McGill is fighting it. Her teenage son has come downstairs in a T-shirt from these “hacktivists” dominating the news. Her daughter’s bus is canceled — too many stoplights out — and school is in the opposite direction of the temp job she’s supposed to be starting this morning. She is twice-divorced; her P.I. business, McGill Investigators, is on the rocks; what kind of life is this for a woman a mere twelve credit-hours shy of her PhD?

Then the doorbell rings.

It’s Quaid Rafferty, the charming — but disgraced — former governor of Massachusetts, and his plainspoken partner, Durwood Oak Jones. The guys have an assignment for Molly. It sounds risky, but the pay sure beats switchboard work.

They need her to infiltrate the Blind Mice.

Danger, romance, intrigue, action for miles — whatever you read, Anarchy of the Mice is coming for you.

One, Two…He is coming for you …

Journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six-year-old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the country’s wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence.

While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets – long buried but not forgotten – will see the light of day.

New job. New town. New ghost!

Fifty-two-year-old Emily Curtis wants a job so she can rebuild her shattered life. One year ago, a devastating car accident stole her occupation, her home, and half her mind.

Working in the charity shop of a small town in rural New Zealand seems ideal… until she awakens a ghost! Since the annoying spirit won’t move on until her murderer is found, Emily sets to work. However, the ethereal Mrs Pettigrew doesn’t remember dying, let alone who killed her.

With family remaining close-lipped and old employees keeping secrets, it’ll take more than Emily’s newfound ability to talk to the dead to solve the crime.

She’s getting married in ten days, but she doesn’t remember the groom…

After her head injury, Phoebe remembers nothing about the last eight years.

Her fiancé, Rafe, has ten days to convince her he’s still her Mr. Right, and he’s determined to win her all over again, no matter what it takes.

A contemporary romance novel from USA Today bestselling author Serenity Woods, fans of Catherine Bybee’s Weekday Brides series are sure to love this small-town romance with plenty of sizzle!

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“If I could rewrite the rules, I’d do it for you.”

Lex came to Los Angeles with big dreams. To learn from the best choreographers in the business and to secure a professional dance gig working for Hollywood’s elite.

Everything was going according to plan–until she was shoved into the arms of the one man who could make or break her career.  Come to find out, it wasn’t her career she had to worry about. It was her heart. 

Theo didn’t work with amateurs. Then again, he’d never seen anyone move across a dance floor like Alexandra “Lex” Quinn. She was athleticism and grace, precision and passion, and she had a stage presence he couldn’t tear his eyes from. 

He wanted her…on his team, in his bed.  There was only one problem… He couldn’t have both.

In this truly inspirational anthology, you will be challenged to think about what is possible for you in your life.

From the meaning and purpose of life, to more down to earth and practical matters, this book deals with the subject of success; how to achieve your wildest dreams and deepest desires.

In all, six full works from author Will Edwards are included.

Book 1 – The 7 Keys to Success

Best Seller and inspirational book that will change your life. Over 2 Million people have enjoyed this life-changing, inspirational book.

Book 2 – The Deepest Desire of Your Heart

The culmination of many years of study and application of the principles of success, The Deepest Desire of Your Heart is much more than a self help book. It is the personal success blueprint you have been waiting for to kick-start you on your journey to outstanding success.

Book 3 – The Bible Secret

If you are not living the spiritually satisfying and materially rewarding life God intends you to live, quite simply, you should read this book today.

Book 4 – You May be a Badass But You Need a Plan!

This story is an allegory that follows my personal journey, describing how I built an online income from scratch. Read it today and begin your journey to success, the right way.

Book 5 – Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret

In Will Edwards’ book Napoleon Hill’s Awesome Secret, Napoleon Hill’s ‘secret’ for creating wealth is outlined in a simple 7-step formula that anyone can apply to create abundance.

Book 6 – Think BIG and Grow Rich

With knowledge of the laws of success and a desire to make it happen, you too can become an unstoppable force as you learn how to steadily attract more and more money into your life. It is quite a claim, however, it is a fact that this book can show you how.

Some dreams die a natural, lonely death … others get ripped away from the dreamer, torn and bloody.

Ricardo Sandoval, captain of an obsolete asteroid-mining ship, now reduced to merely prospecting for large mining conglomerates, still dreams of striking it rich and returning to his home planet a success, and rubbing that success in the faces of those who doubted him.

While fighting to hold onto that dream, he makes first contact with an alien intelligence — an AI in charge of a badly damaged alien ship. The AI needs his help so the wreck can complete its mission; he needs the wreck for the fame and fortune it will bring him if he takes it home.

Only one of the two can see their dream come true, for time will not permit both to succeed — and the stakes make it a life-or-death matter for both.

Months ago, I almost killed the man who kidnapped my sister, and now the FBI wants me to do it again.

A serial killer is striking at the height of spring break, and the FBI has only one lead—all of the dead women were left to look like me.

I’m the FBI’s last resort to track this deadly predator by using my special abilities. Only this time, I’m tethered with a tracking device to watch my every move, and without weapons at my disposal.

Not to mention the FBI intends to use me as bait.

The only question left is whether I can outsmart the killer and survive when my name is sitting at the top of his hit list.

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