Jess, Rising: A teen psychic mystery romance series (Guardians of Salt Creek) – Kindle Unlimited

Murder, mystery, and psychic powers collide in this award-winning teen fantasy romance series.

Something awakened inside Jess Flowers the day she moved to Salt Creek. She sees a killer in visions. A shadow, stalking the forest, striking down the helpless with fire and lightning, killing in impossible ways. No one, no thing, could do what she has seen. But as the real world body count ticks higher, Jess must accept that she isn’t crazy. She isn’t dreaming. Her visions are real.

She has tapped into a current of psychic truth, and her life will never be the same.

Salt creek, an isolated, all-American town in sleepy rural Southern Ohio has a ferociously guarded secret. A secret worth dying for, worth killing for. People here are not what they seem. They are not ordinary. And she’s next on the kill list. Jess must unravel the mystery of her own psychic awakening, and piece together the clues to stop a killer who is more than human, before it’s her turn to die.

Only Billy, the beguiling outcast with the unsettling past, is willing to guide her through the secret world of Salt Creek. His easy charm and sweet smile have stolen her heart. A vision has deemed them star-crossed lovers, destined to be together until the end. The spark between them is undeniable, but his secrets could tear Jess’ heart and their fiery romance apart.

The Guardians of Salt Creek is a psychic fantasy romance series for people who enjoy psychic mysteries and suspense, teen urban fantasy stories with plenty of mystery and romance, and super-powered bad boy fantasy romance novels.

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