Hot Magic: Easy Magic Tricks and Icebreakers – Kindle Unlimited

Do You Love to Entertain? Are You Always Looking for a New Trick to Learn? You Can Be the Life of the Party and Have Everyone Saying, “How Did You Do That?!”

Magicians have always been able to amaze and entertain audiences. Even for those who don’t perform professionally, there are so many benefits to performing magic. Increased confidence, improved hand-eye coordination, and enhanced critical thinking skills are just a few.

You can even judiciously use a little magic to make a good impression on that certain someone you would like to date!

Whether you are just starting out as a magician or you have been entertaining with magic for a while, you too can learn magic tricks and icebreakers that turn objects you have around the house into attention-getting performances!

If you are ready to start learning some amazing, easy magic tricks and icebreakers, then you definitely want to get a copy of: HOT MAGIC: Easy Magic Tricks and Icebreakers with Candles and Matches.

This new multimedia ebook, complete with illustrations and video demos, will help you master some fascinating magic tricks and icebreakers so your routines look effortless!

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