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First Justice

“This novel is clever, heartfelt, sexy, and downright thrilling!”– Self-Publishing Book Review

“In terms of pure entertainment value, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more smartly constructed pulse-pounding read than First Justice!”– Book Viral Review

Etzil’s fast-paced narrative will grab the reader from the very first page” – Book Life Review

“Etzil taps into our innermost fears to deliver a gripping and pulse-pounding narrative which keeps us on edge” – Book Viral Review

The only thing he has left is a passion for revenge. His first chance to get it could be his last…

Jack Lamburt is out for blood. After a brutal terrorist murdered his pregnant wife, he’s sworn not to allow another innocent soul to suffer a similar fate. So how can he say no when an old flame in the CIA recruits him for a covert mission to stop an extremist plot to butcher thousands?

Flying under the radar, the pair sets course for a Cuban hot zone and Lamburt’s first taste of battle. But the deeper they get into their black-ops assignment, the more he suspects their simple hit may be part of a shadowy conspiracy… with deadly consequences.

Can Lamburt walk the path of vengeance without coming home in a body bag?

First Justice is the fast-paced first novel in the Jack Lamburt Vigilante Justice thriller series. If you like gritty heroessavage action, and moral dilemmas, then you’ll love John Etzil’s gripping novel.Buy First Justice for a blast of retribution today!

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