Farrisford (Comedy, Tragedy, Defiance) – Kindle Unlimited


Two eccentric, young American women in a tense British town. What can possibly go wrong??!

Annette’s a lecturer. Dewy’s a shambles whose magazine experience at Harper’s and Elle qualifies her for a job at the local paper. Flawed, rude, beautiful, she meets front-line Britain: food-banks, Brexit fears, job-losses, crime, pollution, universal credit, fracking, property scams…

She soon battles local politicians (and the paper’s complacent male staff). She drinks often and knows in her heart she’s no good for Annette now. But how do you end it with the love of your life?

Welcome to Farrisford, Devon, England, where: 14-year-old Jade defies her right-wing family, lovelorn Millie Zena shields Marlon Wright and his white foster dad from racists, and where main employer Alpha Staplers is transformed by insane modern management.

Contains romance, strong heroines and political rage.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll change the world – triple guaranteed!

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