Fantasy Novels

An anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first books by your favorite fantasy authors. The Light Keepers by Mande
In a world divided by war, a rival prince and princess shall meet... Faith Stryker never expected her lost father
He’s forged from fire, and his lies burn. I’m taking a break from college to help Grandpa run his nursery
Ridmark Arban is the Shield Knight, the defender of the realm of Andomhaim.  The realm is at peace after a
Code Rainbow
The first book of a teen fantasy series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of SCIENCE. The
India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her. Despite
Virus of Beauty
Ugliness is power, and the Virus of Beauty is spreading causing panic throughout the witch population. Wilf Gilvary is a
CRYSTAL FROST tells herself she isn’t crazy, but sane people don’t see ghosts. As her psychic abilities manifest, Crystal discovers
Wayne Meyers
Hofen is both thrilled and terrified when the peacekeepers' guild adopts him a year early. But he painfully learns surviving
Raine’s spent a lifetime hunting monsters. But can she stop her prey from exposing the supernatural community one bloody corpse
A mystery, comedy, thriller and urban fantasy all-in-one from USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Amy Vansant. When Catriona spots a plaid
Four identical sisters are prophesied to hold the fate of the entire world in their powerful hands.  Meet the Witches
From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a dazzling new fantasy series. A QUEST OF HEROES (BOOK
I'm Kalos Aeon. I've been around for longer than you could know ... and most people don't want to know
Set in Amsterdam, this captivating thriller is not just about stolen paintings, but also the lives that were stolen. A
Murder, mystery, and psychic powers collide in this award-winning teen fantasy romance series. Something awakened inside Jess Flowers the day
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