Cinder Reign: The Enchanted Elixir (A Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Adventure) – Kindle Unlimited

Ravenous dragons descending at night, goblin hordes rampaging across the land, kingdoms collapsing; amidst this cyclone of chaos, one woman rises.

Vyra has always dreamt of joining the renowned Silverclad Knights and becoming a great warrior. The kingdom needs every soldier it can get, having barely survived the war with the dark forces from the wilderness. However, the king of Beckonthrone long ago decreed that only men of noble status may walk the path to knighthood.

As Vyra ventures through the mystical, war-torn lands to prove herself, she unexpectedly captures the eye of the paladin Lord Aldrean, as well as that of his infamous nemesis.

Dark forces are gathering, and terrifying creatures hunt in the night. Vyra’s choices tip the fragile balance of the scales of power. Will she take the first step to becoming a heroic legend, or merely become another casualty claimed by the wilderness?

This book is free from July 13, 2021 through July 15, 2021 (to 11:59PM PST of that day)

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