Book Bloggers: Help Readers, Help Authors and Earn Commission

Free Books Section Plugin

If you are a book blogger, or an author, or if you have a website related to writing, books or publishing, did you know that you can offer Free Kindle Books to your visitors and earn commission at the same time?

Well, yes it is true! And in this article, we are going to show you how!

Our system is based upon the principle of cooperation between book bloggers, authors, reviewers, publishers and anyone else involved with the subject of books. Essentially, we work together to promote Kindle books that are on free offer – either permanently free (permafree) or free via the Kindle Unlimited program, and with our approach, everybody wins.

We do all of the heavy lifting by providing continuously updated, news feeds for your site and we provide a simple way of monetizing any blog related to books.

Installation is easy! For WordPress sites and blogs, we have a free plugin that embeds our books into your site. For Blogger (Blogspot) blogs and all other websites capable of accepting embeds, we provide code that accomplishes the same thing (see below for full instructions).

Once the installation is completed, you will have a selection of our Free Kindle Books embedded into your site with your affiliate link leading to our Kindle Book Promotion page.

Here is a list of the main features that our system can provide for you.

  • Free Books for Your Visitors
  • Regularly Updated Dynamic Content
  • Select Your Preferred Genre
  • All Major Book Genres Supported
  • PermaFree and Kindle Unlimited Books
  • Buttons Geo-Targeted to Visitor Location
  • Earn Commission on Book Promotions
  • Increase ‘likes’ and ‘shares’
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Clean Responsive Design

Your visitors will love our dynamically updated news feed that keeps your site continually fresh with new content and links to top quality free books, and we provide you with nicely formatted newsfeeds for all the major book genres.

You will see an increase in social engagement on your site because our content is extremely popular and it receives a lot of organic ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Your visitors will love this content too and will naturally want to share it. Just add social buttons to the bottom of your site (if you have not already done so) and when people do engage, it will be your site that gets shared.

And you will earn commissions paid directly to you via ClickBank every time a visitor purchases the book submission offer from your site.

Installation Instructions for Wordpess

If you prefer, you can can watch a video of the installation, but the process is very straightforward and written instructions follow.

To install our WordPress plugin, go to your dashboard and choose ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add New’. In the search box, type Free Books Section then, click ‘Install Now’ and ‘Activate’.

The Next step is to create a new page, so go to ‘Pages’ then ‘Add New’. You can use any title you wish for this page. In the body of the page, enter the shortcode shown below …

[ free_books_section ]

N.B. Make sure you use all lower case characters, include the underscores and the square brackets, but make sure you remove the spaces. Then save the page.

Add the new page to your navigation Menu if your theme does not do this automatically. You can do this in ‘Appearance’ then ‘Menus’.

Finally, add your affiliate details into the settings and then save – that’s all there is to it!

Installation Instructions for Blogger (Blogspot)

The code shown below embeds our dynamically updated, news feeds into your site and provides a simple way of monetizing any blog related to books. If you are an author, book blogger or reviewer, this is an ideal addition to your site.

Once you have completed the following steps, you will have a selection of free books embedded into your blog with your affiliate link embedded into the ‘Submit’ page.

Step 1 – Create a New Page
Step 2 – Change to HTML View
Step 3 – Copy the Embed Code (shown below) into the New Page
Step 4 – Add your ClickBank Nickname (Affiliate Link)
Step 5 – Publish the New Page
Step 6 – Add the New Page to Your Menu

When you have completed the above steps you will have a good selection of our books installed on your site with your affiliate details embedded into the submission page.

Here is an example Blogger (Blogspot) blog with our embed code added: Free Kindle Books

You will earn commission every time a visitor purchases the book promotion offer on the ‘submit’ page

Here is the Embed Code to Add to Your New Page:

To copy the embed code, click anywhere on the above box and press [Ctrl] A – this will highlight the code, ready for copying. Press [Ctrl] C to copy the code to your clipboard. Then go to your new page at Blogger (, switch to HTML View and then press [Ctrl] V – this will paste the code into your site.

To earn commission from book promotions, all you need to do is change the NICKNAME text in the above code. Replace it with your own ClickBank nickname and then every time a visitor purchases the book promotion offer from your site, you will earn commission. If you don’t have a Clickbank nickname, use this link to obtain one – it is completely free.

Finally, after your publish the page, remember to add it to your site menu.

NEWS: You can now select the genre of your main feed. You can choose between romance, thrillers, mystery or speculative fiction. Please go to this site and click ‘Add to Blog’ for full details.

Installation Instructions for Other Websites

Most websites and blogs are capable of using embed code. The above embed code will actually work on any other site that is capable of accepting embedded html.

Installation is very straightforward:

Step 1 – Create a New Page
Step 2 – Add the Above Embed Code into the HTML of the Page
Step 3 – Add your ClickBank Nickname (Affiliate Code)

Step 4 – Save the Page
Step 5 – Add the Page to Your Site Menu

Once you copy & paste the embed code into your site, you simply need to change the text NICKNAME to your own ClickBank nickname to earn commission – click here to get one – it is completely free.

If you experience any difficulties getting the code to work, contact me for help.