Book Blast Customer Reviews

Our Book Blast service promotes Kindle books that are on free offer to our ever growing readership. If you are an author, these are the kind of results we can deliver for you too.

Here’s What Our Customers Think …

“I was struck by the personal touch Will brought to this service. His communication is excellent. For a very modest fee, especially compared to other services, I received enough downloads to raise my book to the top 10 of its respective categories.

I got particularly good results from international readers, and have noticed an uptick in star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. A solid outcome from a minimal investment. I will use this service again.” – SAM LUNA, AUTHOR, POWDER BURNS: AN ORPHIC ASSASSIN NOVEL

“I recently used White Dove Books’ Book Blast for the first two books of my fantasy series, and would highly recommend this service. The results were great. It was thrilling to watch my books rise into the top ten on Amazon’s Sword and Sorcery Fantasy ranking.

I couldn’t have been happier with the team at White Dove Books. They were very responsive and competent. This service will certainly be part of my promotion strategies going forward. – C.B. LYALL, AUTHOR, THE VIRUS OF BEAUTY and THE VEIL OF CORRUPTION

“My first book in series was temporarily free and I gave White Dove Books a try for the first time. The day of my promo, I garnered a sizable number of downloads, particularly in the UK, along with some sales for the other books. The sales in the series made back its cost.

I found White Dove Books affordable and effective. They are also unique. I felt like Will Edwards and his team gave personal attention to marketing my book. I’ll definitely use them again for future free runs. Thank you!” – A.L.HAWKE, AUTHOR, CORA: RISE OF THE FALLEN GODDESS

“I used White Dove Books’ Book Blast service for the recent promotion of my new collection of short stories.

The results were, quite simply, the best I have ever had. I got many more downloads than I expected, and was delighted to see my book climbing high on the Amazon rankings.

The people at White Dove Books were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend using them for your next promotion.” – RICHARD DIETRICH MADDOX, AUTHOR, SHORT STORIES & TALES

“A great job!

Will at White Dove Books did a great job with his very reasonably priced Book Blast service. I know that it helped get copies of my Kindle books in front of people and made my Kindle book promotion go much easier.

Will’s email communication was excellent too. You won’t go wrong if you use this service!” – JOE LIBBY, AUTHOR, HOT MAGIC: EASY MAGIC TRICKS & ICEBREAKERS

“I was happy to see the low price for the promotion since I have a very small budget. When my promo when live, Will sent me an email with links and information as to where promotions for my book could be found. I got many downloads within the first 24 hours.

Another cool aspect was, in addition to US readers, this was the first time I got UK readers (I’m in the US). And I got a 5-star rating on Goodreads! I was super happy with White Dove Books and look forward to more promotions with them in the future.” – J.S. Sheridan, AUTHOR, WINNETKA ROAD

“I recently used White Dove Books for my giveaway promotion. I noticed a significant increase in orders almost immediately after the promotion started. It helped me get into Amazon’s Top 50 Free Bestsellers, which gave me extra visibility.

White Dove Books were helpful and friendly to me throughout the promotion. I’d definitely recommend them for new authors looking to make a splash and attract new readers!”

“Thanks so much. I only had your site scheduled for my promotion yesterday, so I know the results came from your efforts and I’m so surprised and happy. Surprised because although Book #1 sold great six years ago and had good reviews, it just stopped selling much regardless of promos the last two years, so I wasn’t expecting much.

At the moment, I have a huge number of downloads including a large UK contingent. I’ve never gotten in that market with previous promos on this book. I love it! “ – Ann E. Laurie, AUTHOR, PTSD: FROZEN IN TIME


I hadn’t used a service like this, or even heard of it. But I thought I would give it a try. I was surprised to see my book on your Home Page, and BIG! I thought it would be scrunched among forty others, but no. You’ve a strong home page, well laid out.

I got new readers, as promised, and at an affordable price too! Good deal. Happy customer. Will be returning.” – SIMON FIELDER, AUTHOR, FARRISFORD