Alice in Demonland: An Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Reimagining – Free

Alice in Demonland - Free Book

Alice is half-demon. A loner with one goal. Defeat her demon sire. But a chance encounter with a mysterious warrior changes everything.

Alice Blackburn has only ever known one thing. Demonland. All of her time is spent slaying demons and preparing for the day when she’ll have to defeat hers. Except she doesn’t know which of the seven deadly demons he is until the gorgeous warrior, Kade Everett fights his way into her life.

Now Wrythe, king of the Dark Moths, has ordered her to find out who Kade is and what he wants. A seemingly straightforward task, except it isn’t. Because she quickly develops feelings for him. Which isn’t part of the plan.

With time running out, it seems like Wrythe knows more than he’s telling her, and Kade certainly does. Can she find out the truth they’re hiding before her demon sire kills her?

Alice in Demonland is the first book in the #1 bestselling Demonland series. If you enjoy unputdownable storytelling, well developed characters, and a magical romance, then you’ll love RaShelle Workman’s fast-paced and fun reimagined take on Alice in Wonderland.

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