Your Past and Your Future

Now, I am not a fortune teller. In fact, I would not wish to have any association with such things, but in this post, I would like to make a prediction about how much success you will enjoy next year. It is something I remember Jack Black saying at one time: he said that next year would, for most people, be pretty much the same as this year.

That statement may not seem desperately insightful, but in many ways, it is. The thing is that unless you change something, next year is all setup in the grand scheme of things to give you more of the same. There is nothing wrong with that of course, especially if you are enjoying your life and you have in it all the things you want right now.

If, on the other hand, you are trying to really improve your lot in life, then the idea that next year will just deliver more of the same is not such an attractive proposition at all. But we need to understand that this situation is simply the law of cause and effect at work and that law is reliable, constant and predictable. That is why I can make such a bold statement and know that it will be true. If you want to change your results, you have to change your methods.

Think back over the last five or so years. What have you been doing with your time? Have you been learning and improving yourself or have you been treading water? Have you been just turning up at that job of yours or have you got another project on the go at the same time? Just as an example, really think about those last few years. If you have not changed your methods substantially in that time, then you are very likely to have failed to improve your results. Same salary, same house, same job etc – right?

Well perhaps it is time to draw a line under all of that has gone before, because what you could achieve in the future has very little to do with what you achieved in the past. That is a very important life lesson to take onboard. Your future can be completely different to your past if you want it to be and the way to make that happen is to start right now, in the present, by examining your methods.

First, decide what you want to change: your salary, your relationships? Whatever it is, you can do it if you are prepared to change your approach – your methods – the causes that are responsible for producing those effects that you wish to change. We talked about changing your salary here and we talked about relationships here.

The principle is always the same, if you want something better, then you need to change something because you are the cause of the results that are turning up in your life. You are attracting those people around you whether you like them or not, you attracted the job you are currently employed in and you attracted the salary that pays for the things you have around you in your life.

But remember that your future does not need to be the same as your past. If you are prepared to change by working on yourself, long-term, your future will not be anything like your past.

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  1. Lalit

    I fully agree with you Will and if you want to change your future you must change your present. Hardwork, dedication and passion for Internet Marketing can definitely bring some fruitful result in the coming year.

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