Writing Your Socks Off

When I have mentored other people in the direction of success on the internet, at least those who have chosen blogging as their business model, my advice usually ends up with the phrase, ‘now, go write your socks off’. As any blogger will tell you, this is a lot easier said than done. So I thought I would share my list of things I consider doing when I am wondering about where my next post will come from.

These ideas have all come about through that great teacher – personal experience. As I have naturally developed a theme that I wish to develop over the course of time, I make a little note in my scratch pad widget, which is, by the way, a great little desktop gadget that I constantly use. While we are on the subject, I also love the ‘To Do List’ gadget.

So here is my own little list that I look toward when I want inspiration:

1. Write another Gratitude Post
2. Write another Life Lessons Post
3. Review another Personal Development Blog
4. Comment on a Motivational Video
5. Weekly News Roundup
6. Comment on Google Breaking News
7. Big Pond Progress Report
8. Comment on Each Inspirational Poem

The list naturally evolves over the course of time. I make a post – something that is on my mind at the time – and if I think it’s a topic I will want to return to at some future stage, I add it to my little list. So if you are a blogger, I hope that you will find this little tip helpful. Start your own list, let it evolve, keep a record on your desktop and return to it when you get stuck.

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