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Earlier this year, Blogger announced that it was terminating the feature that allowed people to post to their Blogger Blogs via ftp. This was a bit of a blow to me because, at the time, I had quite a number of Blogger Blogs all setup using the facility. About 12 of these Blogs were published at my site, but were actually maintained directly by my site visitors. They would post directly via email, and the ftp facility updated their blogs at the site. It was all working fine until Blogger decided to change the rules.

For some time I had been thinking that I needed to change my own Blog over to the WordPress platform for a variety of reasons, mainly because of the existence of a number of great plugins that I intend to make good use of, in the future. So at this point, I decided to simply ditch many of my Blogger Blogs; and I put the idea of changing platforms for my main blog on the back burner because I have never before installed WordPress and I was not sure how easy or difficult it would be to edit a theme so that it looked like the rest of my site.

That was the position I was in until last week, when I discovered that Google had decided to put my main blog on page #1 for the search term personal development. I don’t recall it ever ranking quite that highly before; though the main site always did. So this was the catalyst for me to get my finger out and upgrade my main blog to WordPress. It turned out to be very straight forward indeed.

Once I had downloaded and ftp’d the main files up to the site and followed the installation instructions, which simply amount to editing a configuration file, the blog was up and running in almost no time at all. The next steps are what I thought would be more difficult i.e. changing the look and feel so that it matched my site; and importing posts from my Blogger RSS feed so that the Blog was automatically populated with my previous posts. Both of these tasks turned out to be easier than I expected too.

For the look-and-feel, I added the Twenty Ten Weaver theme. This excellent tool is completely free and it enabled me to get almost exactly what I was after with just a few mouse clicks; there were just one or two minor manual edits I needed to make to get the exact look I wanted. But the Twenty Ten Weaver theme is definitely something I would recommend as a simple method of editing the WordPress standard theme. Next, I added the RSS Importer plugin which did a great job of importing the last 25 posts from my Blogger RSS feed.

So there it is, my new WordPress Blog is now setup and ready for me to start posting – and this is actually my first post using the new platform. I have never used WordPress before, but already I can see it is a platform I am going to be very happy using. I can’t wait to get the remaining plugins I have identified that are going to be useful to me.

One thought on “WordPressurised by Blogger

  1. Michael Christian

    Well written, down to earth, Sincere, left with a wonderful feel!
    I have only in the past three months got to understand and manipulate the WordPress blogs. They are really brillient.
    I have built 5 websites on WordPress.
    The Twenty Ten, I must try! Well, you have me hooked! Keep up the good work!

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