Why We Don’t Publish Every Comment

Occasionally, I get asked why some particular comment was not published on my blog. Comments on this blog are moderated and that means that your comment might not appear. So I wanted to explain why we don’t publish every comment.

It’s not that we don’t want your comments; actually we do. Provided they add something to the discussion, we are more than happy to publish what you have to say. But some comments, especially first comments, must meet the following criteria before we would consider publishing them.

Must be written in English. We have nothing against other languages, but we don’t publish comments submitted in other languages. Essentially, the blog is written in English and so all comments should be in the same language if you want them published.

Must be good English i.e. proper spelling and punctuation. Good grammar would be beneficial too, but we do make allowances for individual style, so grammar is less important. Having said that, appalling grammar is certain to get a comment rejected.

You don’t need to agree with me to get published. If your comment raises an important view or intelligently deals with an issue, even if I disagree with you, it won’t necessarily mean we won’t publish your comment.

We rarely accept comments that contain links. That is what many spammers do, of course, and so most comments containing links are simply rejected. Having said that, not all comments containing links are rejected. If a comment links to a good quality, relevant site that will benefit our readers, we are likely to allow the link.

We have a Top Commentators menu, at present, on the right sidebar. This automatically links your name with your website and gives you a quality one-way, do-follow link. Naturally, we know that spammers would want to misuse this facility, so we are very careful about which sites we permit for these outbound links.

Finally, there are a number of other ways we use to spot and filter spam. Naturally, I don’t want to discuss them here since knowledge of our methods would allow spammers to refine their approach. Having said that, we don’t allow obvious spam comments to devalue the site for our genuine readers.

So that’s it. Whilst we don’t want junk comments that devalue the site, we do want your comments and we do also value your opinion.

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