What is Wrong With Our Society?

Whilst trawling the news on Google, today I came across a very disturbing story that caused me to start wondering what on Earth is wrong with the society we have created. Let me warn you that the following paragraph, which contains the barest detail of the incident, is still very shocking indeed.

Apparently, a young boy just three years old, has been sold for the purpose of sex and for the price of a meth fix according this article. It is reported that, having endured horrific torture, the boy is now in hospital in a critical condition, fighting for his life. According to the police, he apparently suffered for a period of 18 hours before he was finally taken to the Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma city, USA.

Any right-thinking person will be shocked and saddened by the news and perhaps also left wondering about the kind of a society that produces individuals who are capable of committing such a diabolical crime. In this case, with the mother of the boy involved, it is even more unfathomable. It is an incident that will no doubt cause many to reflect on possible social causes.

Although there are absolutely no excuses for what she did and there is no way her actions can be defended, we are still left to wonder: was the mother also abused when she was younger; did she really understand what was going to subsequently happen to her child (or was she so far ‘out-of-it’ on meth); and how could this poor unfortunate child have been allowed to live with a meth addict in the first place?

Of course, there will be those who will want to know where God was in this situation and there are, of course, no good answers. We know that standing up for those who cannot defend themselves, including widows and orphans, is a principle that recurs throughout the Bible and so my understanding is that, in this life, it is up to us to do the work of God by helping to make this world a better place.

In this case, there will be many who will want to see the perpetrators of this dreadful act brought to justice and so should they. However, the problems of our society run much deeper. I believe that we need to be looking at the causes of this kind of irrational, unfeeling and downright evil behaviour and working out how we can eliminate it from our society for the benefit of future generations.

We should not tolerate those who commit barbarous acts against other human beings, especially those who cannot defend themselves for one reason or another. With a proper will to do so, I believe that solutions can be found to society’s ills. Underlying causes can be found and addressed if we have the collective will. Is this idealistic? Perhaps. But we need ideals and we owe it to that poor boy – all of us! I do hope and pray that he makes a full recovery.

7 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Our Society?

  1. anelka mano

    Oh my god that is so sad, It’s difficult to read about the atrocity that we people are capable of. But, as a Christian, I also understand that ever since the Fall, this will carry on to happen until the ending of this world

  2. Lalit

    So sad and I really pray to the child who has gone through the trauma but what to say about his mother. The moral of the soceity is continously going down. Such crimes can not be tolerated and there should be a strict punishments to people engaged in immoral activities amounting to life imprisonment.

  3. Paul

    Will, you’re right, that was hard to read.

    It’s hard to read about the atrocity that we humans are capable of. But, as a Christian, I also know that ever since the Fall, this will continue to happen until the end of this world (no I don’t know when that will be).

    I also think that society is worse off today than it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. But that doesn’t mean it will continue on that downward slope! I’d argue that society has had its ups and downs and we may just well see a revival of dignity in the near future.

    For those of us who trust in God, we do have hope that there are answers. If you don’t know Him, what’s holding you back?

  4. Brian

    Coming from the field of Addictions & Substance Abuse treatment, I’ve become so familiar with people doing completely immoral, illogical, and completely degrading acts in pursuit of a “fix”. Many of the not illegal, but with the certainty of getting caught and facing a lot of time.

    This behavior is in no way limited to people with addictions and substance abuse either. There are too many cases of infanticide for no overt, rational, explanation and which were not committed while intoxicated or seeking a fix.

    Maybe the things I’ve seen have made me a little more jaded than others, but I often think our society is in state of free fall as it seems to increasingly lose its moral compass, and as respect for people of substance has been replaced with idol worship of people who are, to their devotees, just an image with nothing much underneath the surface.

    Though it gets scant discussion, as its not “PC” to some, there is no question that the nuclear family is very broken, and social workers are not real substitutes for a pair of parents living in the same home.

    Long gone are the grass roots organizations, too, that instilled a sense of community spirit, belonging, and involvement which is crucial to creating and cementing the necessary social contract for civilized society to behave in a civil manner.

    People are more detached today and rugged individualism has been replaced with individualism based on entitlement.

    Many causes, but IMHO the trajectory is becoming an increasingly downward slope.

  5. Morgan

    Too many people going around asking “what’s wrong with society today?” instead of doing something about what’s wrong. JFK said it best ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.

    Too many people out for themselves. Its the I and me generation id ego. Not selfless think of others generation.

  6. Ms. E

    Oh my! How can they a mom do that to his very young child?! I can assure you that she’s really out of her mind because of the meth. I am truly saddened especially that I have two sons who are so young as well. I just wish people like them never step on earth at all because they don’t deserve to be a human…:(

  7. Diabetic Diet Resources

    “where God was in this situation and there are, of course, no good answers…”
    God is not wanted in the United States unfortunately. As a country we have become addicted to “the fast life” and instant gratification.
    I personally pray our country will have family values and common decency reinstated into our belief system, however it seems to be a daunting task.
    As for the little boy, it’s just sickening that such a strong country can have such horrendous activities.

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