What is Technorati?

What is Technorati and why should you care? Well, quite simply it is a search engine specifically designed for searching blogs. If you have a blg and don’t yet have a Technorati account, then you should get one.

You can sign up for Technorati here … Create an Account

Then, to get your blog into their system, you just compete your profile detail and start a claim in progress, as follows:

1. Create an account and sign in
2. Click your account (your login ID name)
3. Fill out your Profile including your Blog Details
5. Click ‘Begin Claim’ button

They will then give you a token that looks something like this: 6T72DUM89ZKJ

You then need to make a post on your blog using the token. After that, you go back to your Technorati account and click the ‘Verify’ button and that’s all there is to it.

For a long while, I was not sure about the benefits of joining the Technorati site, but my reading around the subject seems to suggest it is a good idea, not least so that you can get a chance to get your blog ranked by them. Let’s face it. you can’t get into the top 100 blogs in the world in their well-respected rankings if they just don’t know about your site.

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