What is Kindness?

This video provides a great example of applying the Random Act of Kindness principle. The story in the video is wonderful too i.e. that the guy found someone else doing the same thing and discovered that he had been inspired to do it because of the first guy’s earlier example.

The part where he changes the tire reminds me of a similar scene in the movie Groundhog Day, which, by the way, is a film that is, essentially, all about kindness. If you have not seen it, I  recommend you watch it. I watched it again, a few nights ago; it is  one of my absolute favourite movies.

When you engage in performing acts of kindness, you are sure to be asked ‘why?’ or ‘what you want in exchange or for payment’. The video clearly illustrates what can happen if you simply say that you would like the other person to ‘pay it forward’. It is amazing how such acts have so much power to change our world for the better.

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