What Have YOU Got to Say?

Today, as I was replying to the blog comments left overnight, one particular comment struck me. It was a very kind comment from a lady who is 80 years old (thank you Mary). She was commenting on the article that showed the demographics for the White Dove Books site. It started me thinking about all of those people represented by the 65+ bar on the histogram.

They are all people, human beings, not numbers, and it seems to me that you just can’t get to 65+ without learning some valuable life lessons. It also seems to me that those lessons would be well worth sharing with other folk who are still learning the ropes, so to speak.

As you get older, I would like to think that you also get a bit wiser. That is possibly even beginning to happen to me. Let me tell you why I think that.

Just the other day, when my wife decided to start planting the new shrubs she had brought back from the garden centre, I went out to help. After we had planted the first shrub, I realised that she had an appointment in about an hour and I was thinking to myself, something like … ‘you really should not have started this job because you just don’t have time to finish it.’

Well, my wife was able to discern that something was going on in my mind and asked me what I was thinking. My reply astonished even me. I said, ‘if I tell you, you won’t like it and I think it better not to say’. Now I don’t think I am yet fully wisened, but you know something? I think that at least represents progress.

Older people who read this newsletter will be sufficiently wise to understand that, generally, younger people don’t want to hear the opinions of older people. Personally, I think that’s sad. To fail to take advantage of such a great opportunity for learning is not at all wise. Listening to what older people have to say about the most important lessons in life can help others to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

So I was wondering if any of our older readers would like to write an article for this blog on the subject of ‘the ten most important lessons life has taught me’. I would love to read some articles that highlight the most important lessons learned in life. If you would like to do this, write an article of about 800 – 1,000 words and then contact me to get it published here.

Don’t worry too much about grammar – we’ll polish it up if it needs to be done – just think about what you would like to pass on to the next generation if they were prepared to listen. I think that there are quite a lot of people here who would love to hear what you have to say.

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