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In David Cheyne’s book, The Expert Guide to Pursuing Wealth, I was a little surprised to come across the following five principles for unlocking wealth. When I say surprised, it is not that I think they are in any way inappropriate, it is just that is not the usual stuff you tend to get from internet marketers, so it was entirely unexpected.

The five principles are, if act, all virtues and he says that they are all attractive in nature and that you simply cannot go wrong in conforming to them. By doing so you are activating what he calls The Law of Nature in your pursuit of wealth.

Here’s what he has to say about the book:

One of the most difficult points to reconcile in life is the paradox that suffering exists in this world. Suffering is eminent.

Of course, what is equally important is realizing that the acquisition and possession of wealth is not a ruler that measures one’s happiness. If joy, truly, were to be found in materials, then all those who experience the thrill of it by coming into contact with the object would observe the same measure of joy.

In life, we are continuously motivated by two inevitable impulses: repulsion from sorrow, and seeking joy and absolute fulfilment. In the quest to embrace all happiness, we are compelled to run after the enjoyable and agreeable, while confronting the opposite, we avoid undesirable objects and disagreeable environments.

The fact is this: throughout history, all achievers consciously or subconsciously have used five principles, which are common to progress in all aspects of life.

These principles are a key to unlocking amazing cache of wealth, abundance and success. They are all centred on our true innate qualities, which as a matter of fact are universal and have a spiritual basis.

The 5 Principles to Unlocking Wealth

    • Truth
    • Righteousness
    • Peace
    • Love
    • Non-violence

The practice of these virtues will enable anyone to progress in life without any doubt. The reason is simple. These universal principles are all attractive and needless to say, they form the cornerstone of any code of ethics. You cannot go wrong practicing the importance to moral values, codes of conduct and obeying the Law of Nature in your pursuit of Wealth.

In the coming pages, you will discover the goal of reaching financial freedom while at the same time, acquiring the perfect art of happiness through the understanding that the measure of joy is not directly proportional to monetary wealth.


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