We Finally Caught Mr Mouse

Remember I told you about the mouse problem? Well, we finally caught the little blighter. The humane trap actually did work this time. I had almost given up on it, but after my bucket trap failed, I thought I’d give it another go and there he was this morning safely trapped in the clever little box.

On the one hand, I hope he finds a nice new home where he can be safe and warm; on the other hand, I would hate someone else to have to go through the process of trying to catch him. So, the place I let him go is a local beauty spot, some distance from any human dwellings. It is about a mile from the house. I have heard that mice can find their way back to their abode from about a mile away. Makes you think doesn’t it?

When I opened the box, he had squashed himself right up in the furthest corner and he didn’t seem to want to come out at all. But, after a gentle shake, he was off. Hopefully, he will be able to make some new friends. It turned out that he wasn’t as small as I thought he would be and he was definitely the same species as the previous chap we caught.

So my tips for catching mice are:

• Be Persistent
• Put the Trap in the Right Place (Where they Run)
• Smelly Cheese, Peanut Butter & Chocolate All Work
• Don’t Use Poison or Glue Traps (Too Cruel)
• Release Them Well Away from Your House

By the way, the local builder who has been doing some work for us over this period has been keenly interested in the whole mouse episode. It has amused him to think the little fellow managed to continually outwit us for so long. He told me that he had previously thought of me as quite clever but as a result of the mouse episode, he has moved me down from #2 on his ‘phone a friend’ list (for Who Wants to be a Millionaire) to #4.

As I said, living in a 1920s house brings its challenges. It now turns out that we have wet rot under the floor too. Still, I love this old place where I now do all my writing. It has great style and character and it is located in a lovely spot where I can walk the dog and take plenty of time to just think. Opposite, I can see the wild deer in the field coming down from Exmoor to bathe in the morning warmth.

This morning, the little harbour near where I let my house guest loose, was very peaceful and beautiful. I thought to myself how grateful I am for this opportunity to concentrate on my writing. When I look back, this is exactly the life I had imagined living when I was much younger. Well … yes … without the mice and the rot, that’s true. But it is quite amazing how dreams can come true isn’t it?

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  1. duchess

    I am giggling and acknowledging the lesson learned and the thanksgiving offered…..

    I am not going to ruin it all by giving any type of account of mouse adventures……

    Siffice to say…… you may not find them entertaining at all

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