We Are Looking for Talent

Right now, we are going through a bit of a transformation at White Dove Books. The shift is toward a publishing model for future product offerings and that, essentially, means we are looking for talent right now. We have built a top quality, authority site within the personal development space and now we are looking for experts, with whom we can work, to take things forward.

This shift represents an excellent opportunity for anyone who is already a ClickBank vendor. Our intention is to work together with ClickBank vendors using the Traditional JV contract to make a whole range of exciting new products available to our visitors.

The idea was tested with the recent release of the Laughing Bird album. We already have another product lined up for release in the near future and we are also talking to another two vendors right now. But we are opening this program up to anyone who can meet our stringent criteria.

You would need to have a product that fits the following:

  • Original Product (Created by You)
  • Top Quality
  • Fits with Our Existing Portfolio i.e. Fills a Gap
  • Must Serve the Self Improvement Market

You need to have a win-win attitude and be prepared to submit your product to me for evaluation. If it fits the bill, I will personally work with you to get it into our portfolio as quickly as possible. If you are interested, start by sending me a link to your existing sales page. I’ll take a look and let you know if I think your product looks acceptable and we’ll take it on from there.

This is a genuine and rare opportunity to partner with someone who knows what he is doing. As a consequence, I expect a high level of interest and therefore cannot promise to respond to every enquiry individually. Of course, I will personally respond to every enquiry that is of interest to us and I will also make further announcements in the Newsletter to keep you informed of our progress.

Newbies are also welcome provided that your product serves an existing need and does it well. We can bring all the marketing know how; what we need from you is a quality, original product that fits the above. Please note however that we cannot work with anyone who cannot obtain a ClickBank account. This restriction rules out certain countries (see the dropdown box on the ClickBank Account Signup page). There is absolutely nothing we can do about this.

So that’s about it for now. It is an exciting time for us. We have big plans. The question is: would you like to be a part of them?

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