Ultimate Life Lessons

As I have been looking into the subject of Life Lessons recently, today I spent the afternoon looking around the web to get together a little collection of some of the best posts I could find. the Ted Talk below is by advertising guru, Rory Sutherland. It is an excellent look at how some of life’s lessons come in the most unexpected ways.

Below are 5 excellent quality posts that I found interesting, entertaining or engaging, all dealing with the subject of Life Lessons:

1. Six Funny Life Lessons
We all like stories and here are six lovely little fables. I had only come across one of them before (number 6) and I especially like the first one.

2. 38 Lessons in 38 Years
Really enjoyed reading this article written by Leo Babauta on his 38th birthday. I especially liked number 20 about the benefits of walking.

3. 7 Terrible Life Lessons from The Neverending Story
The language is a little colourful here and there, but this is nevertheless, a refreshingly different look at the subject.

4. A List of Lists by 108 Bloggers
I thought I would include this great list of lists featuring Life Lessons from 108 bloggers all writing within the self improvement genre.

5. Counterintuitive Lessons
This list contains advice that appears to fly in the face of conventional wisdom so I have included it because it represents a fresh perspective.

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