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Twitter is a very simple and easy to use social networking site that lets anyone quickly and easily share “What’s happening?” in a 140-character posting – or tweet. It’s not just for big companies and news services. Anyone can tweet information or share their opinion on Twitter.

After you’ve opened a free account on Twitter, you can start tweeting news, information, your opinions, replies to other Twitter users, and promotional messages. Simply enter up to 140 characters in the text box and click “Update”. Then, all your followers will see your tweet.

Your followers are those people on Twitter who have elected to follow you and see your tweets. As this number builds up, you’ll easily be able to get your message in front of a large number of interested prospects. As you build a following on Twitter, you can start mixing subtle promotions in with your
informative tweets. With a targeted following (later in this report) each promotional tweet will be seen by a good number of qualified prospects, as it shows up in their stream of tweets.

Why Is Twitter An Effective Marketing Tool?

Since Twitter provides people with real-time public information, it can connect you with prospects and customers. Because of the instant communication made possible by Twitter, it shrinks the emotional distance between you and your prospects and customers. This quickly builds relationships and makes it much easier for you to market your products, services, or other people’s products (as an affiliate).

Market Size Is Growing

And, what of the market? How many are regularly using Twitter and what are their demographics? In July 2009, ComScore reported that there were 21 million unique US visitors to (this doesn’t include the more than half of all Twitter users who access updates via their mobile or other applications).

Worldwide, the number of users accessing directly was already 44.5 million by June 2009 (ComScore). The Pew Research Report released on October 21, 2009 shows that 19% of Internet users were then using Twitter, and they believe this segment will continue growing as more and
more Internet users adopt mobile devices as their main means of going online.

Good Age Demographics

As for the age demographics of Twitter users, it isn’t just the younger Internet users. The Pew Research Report confirms that the median age of Twitter users is 31, and that it has remained stable over the last year. In fact, according to ComScore, the biggest number of users is in the 35-54 age group. What this means for businesses marketing online is that you can get your brand-building and marketing messages in front of an audience that spends money online.

Zero Cost Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of marketing on Twitter is that it’s free. Twitter is now the sole means of advertising for small businesses with no ad budget. As Dave Brookes of the small boutique winery Teusner Wines states, “There’s no cost, which is fantastic for guys like us, because our marketing budget is tiny.”

So, if you want to get started using Twitter in your online business, our free book can help …


Download Instructions

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Once you have downloaded the book, simply Right-Click on the Zipped Folder icon and choose Extract-All, then follow the on-screen instructions to unzip the eBook. Then to read the eBook, double-click on the PDF icon.

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