Traffic: Thriving in the Web of the Future

Well this talk of tactics is all well and good, but how does the knowledge that tactics can level the playing field affect what I can actually do to produce the results I am after? If you were playing against an opponent in what is often referred to as a zero-sum game, then it is much more obvious what you need to do to succeed. You need to do the things that place you at an advantage and the enemy at a disadvantage.

But blogging, generating targeted traffic and getting more conversions – the stuff of my online business – is not really competing in the same sense. There is no identifiable enemy to focus upon and hence the tactics that might help are not so easy to discern. There are tactics that might give you an edge, but without proper knowledge of what you are fighting i.e. what’s holding you back, they are not so easy to identify.

How the Deck is Stacked Against You

If, like me, you are trying to get your blog noticed amongst the myriad of other voices out there, then the deck is stacked against you. By the way, I use the word ‘myriad’ advisedly; there are 15.08 billion pages that constitute the World Wide Web at present.

Every minute, there are:

  • 694,445 Search Queries
  • 695,000 Facebook Status Updates
  • 98,000 Tweets
  • 70 New Domains Registered
  • 60 New Blogs Created
  • 1,500 New Blog Posts Published

If you are blogging just once per day, your blog post will be just one voice in 2,160,000 because that’s how many blog posts are created every single day – over 2 million. And that is just blog posts! There are all kinds of other sites that are updating their content too. They are the competition for your audience but, I would argue, you need not see them as the enemy.

What Kind of Tactics Can Help?

Personally, I am in favour of cooperation. That’s why I am always trying to find genuine win-win ideas; ways we can help each other. However, if you try this, one problem you will inevitably face is that people will often suspect your motives when you approach them with a win-win proposition. That’s because, before they can understand the concept of the win-win opportunity, they first need to have acquired the abundance mindset, which does not come naturally.

But I do think that cooperation is probably the only way in the ever changing landscape of the web, that the small guy – the new blogger – can win. We need to find new ways of working that are truly beneficial for everyone concerned. One way I have found and I am using right now is the Just Retweet service. It is effectively a tweet economy in which bloggers promote each other to mutual advantage. It is not perfect, of course; you cannot pick and choose who will tweet for you. But we do need more programs that have that spirit – the spirit of cooperation at their heart.

We need to find ways that are independent of Google for leveraging the traffic we have worked so hard to achieve. After all, let’s face it, given the current state of the web, the cream is simply not going to rise to the top, no matter what you may have been previously told. What is going to happen is that the cream, in terms of the best content, is going to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the SERPS where it will not be noticed by enough people. And those who find tactics to improve their search engine placements will be penalised by successive Google algorithm changes that deem their tactics unacceptable.

The web of the future will be far less friendly to the humble blogger working alone. Not because of any dark conspiracy, but because of the ever increasing competition for search engine rankings and traffic. The only way to survive and thrive in this chaos of information overload will be to form strategic partnerships for exchanging traffic in ways that are mutually beneficial and remain independent of the vagaries of the search engines.

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