Tommy Hopps and the Aztecs


Tommy Hopps was an average American teenager, until everything changed overnight… When Tommy’s family goes on vacation to Mexico City, a wicked, time traveling pirate attacks them, murders his father and pulls Tommy into a vicious time warp. He finds himself marooned in 1521 Mexico, in the middle of the Aztec Empire, and must draw on his own courage and instinct to survive. Tommy must overcome incredible odds on his quest to reunite with his family, including a horde of Aztec warriors, a prison full of human freaks, mysterious sorcerers, and ghostly, shape-shifting beings. Only with the help of some unlikely friends can Tommy escape his captors and, ultimately, learn the astonishing truth about his own past. Will Tommy survive? Can he return in time to save his father? Will the world he once knew ever be the same? Who is the real Tommy Hopps? Sure to please any adventure lover, Tommy Hopps and the Aztecs is a thrilling coming-of-age story about the power of human existence, set in one of history’s most magnificent civilizations

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