Three Steps to Instant Fame

You may remember me saying that I needed to start writing better headlines; well how about that one? I guess I will have to say that it may be a tad over hyped, but I hope you will indulge me a little because I do have a great opportunity for you and, although it may not make you instantly famous, it is definitely going to help.

Let me explain …

If you run a blog that serves the self improvement, motivation and self growth space, and you are looking for a good way to promote it, I have a great opportunity for you to get listed in our annual nominations for the best blog of the year.

In 2012, we ran our first ever Annual Awards for personal development blogs. The award was won by Stephen Guise for his blog Deep Existence. This gave Stephen plenty of publicity and new readers for his blog. This year, we will be running the competition again and we have come up with a new system for accepting nominations.

If you would like your blog to be entered into the competition, all you need do is mention the Inspiration Blog anywhere within one of your blog articles and then send me the link to your post.

This will automatically get your site entered into the competition. We decided upon this new approach as a way of helping more people. Let’s face it, you might be a great writer, but that does not mean anyone is going to nominate your blog. This way, you can be sure your blog will appear in our list of nominations which is published annually toward the end of each year.

So, here we go, (drum roll) – to get your blog entered into this year’s competition, here are your three steps to instant fame …

1. Mention the Inspiration Blog within one of your articles
2. Make sure you include a live link to our site
3. Send me the link to your Blog Post

The post you create can include a link to any page on the Inspiration Blog or any page on the White Dove Books site. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to provide a recommendation to our free books page, for example. You would be providing your visitor with a very useful resource and, at the same time, you get automatically entered into this year’s competition.

Just appearing in our nominations will get you a valuable return link from a trusted, authority site within the personal development niche. However, if your blog gets through the first round of nominations, you could end up in our Top Ten Blogs list for the year. We get 1.7 million visitors per year, so you can get yourself some great exposure that way.

One last thing: the winner will be chosen by me and that means that you don’t have to be a high-flyer to win the competition. Believe me, I am not looking to massage the egos of the big bloggers; I am looking for people who can write well. So the competition really does represent an even playing field and you therefore have as good a chance of winning it as anyone else.

So, if you run a blog that serves the personal development niche, get your post created right away and send your link to me here. And good luck!

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