There’s a Hero Inside You!

There is an incident that sticks in my mind not because of the sheer foolishness of the act, but because of the altruistic intent of the apparent rescuer.

The essence of the matter, which was recorded on TV cameras for all to see, was that some kind-hearted person ended up being washed away by flood water, getting carried rapidly downstream after he jumped in to attempt to rescue another individual. The fire brigade, of course, then had two people to rescue instead of one.

But doesn’t it warm your heart when people do stupid things for the right reasons? That’s why the above video captured my attention. It is a Coca Cola advertisement that strings together a number of such heart-warming incidents from security camera footage.

The guy who rescued the little dog forgot about his own safety, placing himself in serious danger. Such behaviour may be foolish but the motivation shows what we human beings are capable of. The fellow who pushed the car out of the way of the train may even have genuinely saved the life of the person inside and today – whoever you are, sir – you are my hero.

One thought on “There’s a Hero Inside You!

  1. Victoria

    It’s true – Everything depends on individual interpretation. This video is sheer inspirational joy! Thanks, Will.
    Victoria (Australia)

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