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You may have noticed that the main site has changed a bit recently. As well as giving it a bit of a face-lift, we have changed the way a few things operate. Essentially, it is as a result of contemplating my recently-set financial goal and also thinking about the responses we received to our recent survey. In short, we need to find a way of making more free books available and, at the same time, finding a way of funding the expansion.

In the past, we tried PLR as a way of doing this. The idea was for me to invest in the creation of new books and then sell rights to the source material to a limited group of people. The idea worked, but it did not work as well as we had expected. We produced 4 x PLR packs and tested various bundling options. Two of those four packs sold out and we are still offering pack 4 here. So, I am still convinced that it is a valid business model for anyone interested in making money online.

By the way, if anyone reading this should decide to create PLR in the personal development niche on the same terms that I was offering it (original, quality, limited distribution, $37 for 10 books etc) I would certainly volunteer to be one of your regular customers. If you could find a few hundred people like me, you would have a lucrative business. However, the business model was pulling me away from what we are trying to achieve here at White Dove Books, so clearly we needed to find another way.

Within the past week, we have completed the shift from giving our books away to newsletters subscribers to the current social payment system. This is our new way of attempting to make ‘free’ work for us. In tests, about 70% of people felt it was a fair deal to provide an eBook in return for a social mention (like, tweet or +1) and that is what we are now doing. It’s far too early to tell whether this will work out for us. But it is one of the changes you may have noticed.

Another thing that is in the pipeline is a change to the Inspiration Newsletter. You should see a broader range of articles in future. The way we are going to achieve this is to expand the newsletter to accept articles from our three main sites (White Dove Books, MotivateTube and Monify Me) so, in the future, the newsletter will be broader and richer in terms of the subjects covered. I hope you will find the new format both useful and enjoyable. Watch out for it – it’s coming soon.

In closing, I want to thank all newsletter subscribers for helping me to sort out a new direction for White Dove Books and I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

Will Edwards

Will Edwards
Founder: White Dove Books

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