The V Factor: My Secret Weapon

Rebrandable books might be the best tool in your internet marketing toolkit, but you need to know how to use them properly. For a newbie marketer, especially, getting started can be something like investing in a combine harvester without knowing the first thing about sowing and reaping.

In order to reap, you first need to sow. In this post, we are going to deal with how to do that. With the new Loyaltepays program, you get the seeds, but they won’t plant themselves; that’s your job so that’s what we are going to cover.

If you follow through and take action, you will reap a harvest that could truly astonish you because, as with the natural world (to stay with our analogy) the harvest can multiply itself because the program is viral. Where I live, the fields of yellow rape proliferate well beyond the field boundaries and continually threaten to invade the local countryside.

Farmers actually do their best to contain their crop and prevent the natural tendency to replicate and multiply. However, in our case, we will allow that process to continue without hindrance because, as your rebranded materials are replicated across the web, they carry with them your own affiliate links earning you referral bonuses and affiliate commissions.

This program has arrived at exactly the right time in the evolution of the web because social media has made the sharing of your recommendations so easy with Tweets, Likes and other many other popular mechanisms already in play. Your job is to sow your seeds in such a way as to maximise the natural tendency for them to replicate.

Which Materials Should You Use?

You should use mine 😉

Of course, I would love you to use my materials because that way, you will be promoting my products and earning a nice hefty 50% commission in the process. Just so you know, the other 50% actually gets split between my site and the product vendors with whom we partner. So, when you use my materials, you profit, but so do we. It is a win-win arrangement and, as you may realise, I genuinely believe in working with partners to our mutual benefit.

In choosing which materials to work with, you are trying to balance a number of considerations:

• You want to promote quality offerings
• You want materials that provide value
• You want products that have the V Factor
• You want programs that convert
• You want vendors you can trust

You want materials that are, first and foremost, good quality; not some garbage that has been hastily knocked together, is ill thought-out or is full of typos and grammatical errors. You want products that truly provide some value to your target audience. Thirdly, you ideally want products that have what I like to call the ‘V Factor’ (the Viral Factor) – an inbuilt tendency to become replicated .

In addition, you want affiliate programs that actually convert and you want to work with vendors you can trust. As I suggested, that’s why you might want to work with me. But, there are many other vendors within Loyaltepays who also meet the above criteria. Aside from the process of trial and error, I believe you should trust your own instincts on this matter.

If you personally find a book, audio or video to be inspiring, uplifting, educational or otherwise engaging, then you have potentially found something with the V Factor. Those are the kind of materials you should be rebranding and sharing and, of course, the reason is quite simple. If you felt the product was worth passing on, others will think the same and when they do so, they will be passing the rebranded copy of the product that carries your affiliate links.

How to Share the Materials

The web has reached a point in its evolution that makes sharing relatively easy. But you should use whatever means are at your disposal to ‘seed’ the viral process.

Here are some ideas:

  • Share via your Personal Facebook page
  • Create a Facebook Fanpage and share
  • Share via Twitter
  • Share via Linkedin
  • Share via a myriad other Social Networks
  • Distribute via your own website(s)
  • Distribute via your Blog
  • Give away via Personal eMail
  • Give away to your eMail List
  • Give away via Signature (Forum/eMail/etc)
  • Give away via Forums
  • Give away via eBook Directories
  • Give away via Document Sharing sites

The above list has been compiled with eBooks in mind. Of course, if you are sharing videos or audios (which you can also find in Loyaltepays) then you would also be looking for video and audio sharing sites to use as distribution channels.

It’s not really the number of different channels that is important; it is finding the most effective distribution mechanism that ‘seeds’ the viral process and also suits the way you want to work. Provided you have chosen materials to distribute that have the V Factor, then your friends and friends of friends – people you have never met and never heard of – will continue distributing your books for you.

This is the process that built White Dove Books into what it is today and it can work for you too if you are prepared to put some initial effort into getting the ball rolling. So, use the tips above to choose your materials well and then start putting your rebranded books into the hands of as many people as you can and the results might well astonish you.

Find out more about how you can profit giving by away our rebranded books.

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