The Self Made Millionaire

According to Brian Tracy, the richest people in America (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell and so on) not just millionaires but multi-billionaires, without exception, all began with nothing. I had not realised that before and indeed, that is quite an assertion isn’t it?

As I may have mentioned, I quite enjoy the UK television program Dragon’s Den and I have actually read the autobiographies of Peter Jones, James Caan, Theo Paphitis and Duncan Banatyne; all multi-millionaires, and guess what? Yes. They all began with nothing.

In this video, Brian says that, if you meet someone who is enjoying more success than you, they are not necessarily and smarter or more knowledgeable than you. He makes exactly the same point that Wallace D Wattles also makes in his book, The Science of Getting Rich i.e. that sometimes, even idiots get rich. Why? Because they learned the formula.

He then suggests we remember that:

  • Failure in not an option
  • I’m unstoppable
  • Nobody’s any smarter
  • Nobody’s any better

Brian also says, elsewhere, that there are no real secrets with regard to becoming a millionaire. We know who they are, we know what they do, we know how they think and, he goes on to say that if we can learn to do those same things, then eventually, by the law of cause and effect, we will also reap the same rewards.

It is important for anyone who is trying to achieve success to realise that all of these people began where we begin. They all had the same thoughts about how to achieve success. They all read the same books and they all have remarkably similar ideas about what it takes to achieve success. After years of reading and digesting the same material whilst working on my own success, I thought it might be beneficial to make a list of what I believe it takes to be successful:

21 Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

1. Have a vision
2. Get your thinking right: think big; think positively
3. Set the right goals for yourself
4. Commit to reading, learning and improving yourself
5. Invest your money wisely
6. Don’t spend money on what you can’t afford
7. Become the very best at what you do
8. Commit yourself to serving others
9. Discipline yourself to do whatever it takes
10. Ensure you eat properly
11. Exercise regularly
12. Learn from every failure
13. Be determined to succeed
14. Trust your instinct
15. Make your decisions quickly
16. Have a strong work ethic
17. Develop your natural talent
18. Get out of your comfort zone
19. Take calculated risks
20. Associate with successful people
21. Be persistent – never give up

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