The Secret to Finding Love & Happiness

Finding love and being happy are two of the most universal desires we have as human beings. Making sure you live the life you want takes a lot of thought and can be hard work. Here are some tips on how to be successful in finding love and lasting happiness.

Unrealistic Expectations

Be realistic about what you can achieve in life. Don’t set yourself goals that you cannot realise, as this will only make you unhappy. The same is true when looking for love. Don’t go into a relationship with a long list of expectations that your partner has to fill.

Everyone has flaws so searching for perfection is bound to leave you lonely and disappointed. Instead of searching for ‘happily ever after’ and ‘prince charming’ search for someone who fits your personality and who wants to start a life with you. Life is full of challenges but by embracing and accepting them you will be able to build a lasting future with your partner.

Know What You Want out of Life

Hand in hand with shedding unreasonable expectations is being realistic with what you want in life. Sit down and spend time thinking about what you truly want to achieve in life, and what has stopped you from achieving it so far. It may mean you should consider a new career path, or it may inspire you to take up a hobby or skill that you always wanted to master.

When looking for love it is important to be open about your life goals: if you don’t have the same long-term aspirations as your date you are bound to experience heart-ache in the future.

Learn to Love Yourself

You cannot find happiness in work, in a relationship or in life until you have learnt to be happy with yourself. Obviously you do not want to come off as arrogant, but confidence is sexy so work on smiling, falling in love with your best bits and embracing your flaws.

Low self-esteem can lead to neediness and jealousy in a relationship, often ending up with you driving your partner away. If you don’t believe you are worthy of a good relationship then you are unlikely to find one.

Keep an Open Mind

People often make the mistake of ruling people out because they don’t fit into their narrow checklist of who their perfect partner should be. If you have had bad luck going for a similar type in the past, then open up your mind and network with people who you may previously have dismissed.

Try not to judge people of superficial factors: bonding over morals, personality and life goals is much more important than choosing a partner based on looks or income.

Don’t Settle

If you want to find lasting happiness and to have a long loving relationship, it is important not to settle when committing to a partner. Don’t rush into a relationship because you are afraid to be alone, or because you think your relationship is as good as it gets.

Similarly it is not healthy to stay in a relationship just because your partner desperately wants you to stay with them. If your partner isn’t making you happy then you need to move on and search for love elsewhere.

Article by Andrea Fritz

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