The Secret Bible: Apocalypse

This video on the book of Revelation is very interesting. It considers a number of different viewpoints and provides a balanced look at the main features of the text. Interpretation of the book of Revelation generally divides Christians into a number of different camps often based upon where the millenial reign of Jesus is supposed to fit in.

Some groups believe that the second coming of Jesus will occur before a golden 1000 year reign by Jesus himself upon the Earth (premillenialism). Others believe that the second coming will occur after the 1000 year period mentioned in Revelation (postmillenilaism). A third interpretation posits that the 1000 years mentioned in Revelation is a symbolic number and rejects the idea of an actual 1000 year reign (amillenialism).

It certainly is a difficult book to understand and there have been many, widely different interpretations of what it might mean. I remember a pastor once saying, on the question of premillenialism, postmillenialism or amillenialism that he believed in panmillenialism because, he said, it would all pan out in the end. Anyway, whatever your own beliefs about the book, I hope you enjoy watching the video.

Personally, I have not come to a view about the book as a whole. However, I do believe that I understand what the famous white stone text is about. You can read my interpretation of that in The Bible Secret.

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