The Road to Success

Just the other day, I came to a realisation as to what the road to success looks like. It turns out that it doesn’t look quite the way I had imagined. It’s bumpy and it has many twists and turns and also many paths that cross it almost at every turn.

Because of those very many intersections, it seems that many people walk along the path for short periods only to become side-tracked. Some of the other paths look very promising, but they ultimately lead in the wrong direction and sometimes it is possible to travel a long way before realising the path that looked so promising actually turned out to be nothing but a worthless detour.

Sometimes, it takes a long time just to find our way back to the place we were when we made the wrong choice, but despite the effort, going back is the right thing to do. As someone once said, no matter how far you have travelled down the wrong path, it is never too late to turn around.

The road to success is really a path, and it not as attractive as I had thought it would be, in fact, it is quite dull in many respects, and it is not a difficult path to follow, by which, I refer to the amount of effort needed to progress along the way. In other respects it is a very difficult path to follow, but only because it is difficult to see where it lays.

Occasionally, as the path turns in a particular alignment, it is possible to see ahead clearly for a short time, almost seeing the whole of the route to success, but such moments are rare and we lose sight of them at the next turn. It is to these moments that we must cling when, at some future stage, we become doubtful about the path and where it leads.

Sometimes it is possible to look back along the path too and occasionally see clearly how the route has led to where we find ourselves right now. It can be very beneficial to do this so we can come to an awareness that the correct path was indeed dull, bumpy and not well marked, though it was indeed there.

Such awareness can serve us well in the future as we become better able to resist temptations to step away from our steady ascent. We begin to recognise the intersections for what they are and, slowly and steadily, we find our way along the faintly, but surely marked path to success.

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