The Road to Success

Somewhere along the road to success, I am metaphorically sitting in a roadside diner thinking about the journey, so far.

It will be a short time-out for me; a brief moment of reflection that engages my mind whilst I attend to the necessary refueling, both for me and my vehicle. The food is nothing more than a part of the functional requirement for the journey and the brown stuff that accompanies it, unpleasant though it is, will help to keep me awake back on the road.

On this dark, stormy night, without a map, in unknown territory, I am encouraged that the last road sign seemed to indicate an important fork in the road is immediately ahead.

Rebecca Fine, the owner of the Science of Getting Rich website, once described the success process as being something akin to driving a car through the night. It is an analogy that I have found to be remarkably accurate.

If you just think, for a moment, about going on a car journey on a dark evening. You start the engine, you check the fuel gauge (hopefully) and you turn on the headlights. Everything looks good. A quick check in your rear-view mirror and you pull out into the almost deserted road. The road to success is not exactly empty, but it’s quiet and the journey can be lonely, especially without the radio. You need to keep it turned off whilst you are making this important journey because it, fruitlessly, consumes one of your most valuable assets – thinking time.

Your headlights illuminate the road ahead, but they do not show you the whole of the route. You can only see the road immediately ahead; just what amounts to what should be your immediate next objective. It is only when you move forward into that space that you are able to see the next part of the journey.

As you progress, in faith, you are continually able to see a little further until, finally, you are able to see your destination. The process of achieving success is something like that. In fact – as I suggested – it is like driving on a dark rainy road, without a map, watching for clues in the road signs and remaining convinced you can get there because you know where you want to be (the final destination) even though you don’t know the way.

Sure, you make some wrong turns – some promising shortcuts just turn out to be blind alleys – and you even end up going in the wrong direction for periods of time. But eventually, you see another sign, pick up another clue and work out how to get yourself back on course. By the way, always try to remember that no matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, it is never too late to turn around.

We need to understand that, on the road to success, we often cannot see beyond the next step until we actually take it and, unless we take that step, we will never see the next one. So stay committed to what you have undertaken. Do what you know you need to do and somewhere along that lonely road, you will also reach that important fork that suggests your destination may not be that much further on.

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