The Quantum Mind

We have discussed the quantum explanation of the Law of Attraction here previously on a number of occasions. The approach seeks to provide a scientific interpretation of this success principle. Needless to say, not everybody buys this explanation but, for me, some of the material has been compelling. I enjoyed Rhonda Byrne’s book and the movie that was based on it. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction and The Secret, see here.

So, I had an open mind when Alvin Huang of the Quantum Success Secrets site contacted me earlier this week. It turned out that he made an offer that I could not really refuse – a free gift for my readers. Naturally enough, I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised to find that it included a good quality ebook called Creating Success together with support materials in the form of a workbook and flowchart.

The book is a useful little resource that may come in handy right now if you are still thinking about your goals for the year ahead. The workbook is something to print out and actually use in your goal-setting sessions and the flowchart provides a useful one page summary of the SMART technique for goal-setting.

In addition, there were three videos dealing with the subject of the Quantum Mind and The Law of Attraction. Alvin works together with author Greg Frost, the self improvement coach speaking in the videos. The videos can either be watched online or downloaded to your own computer to watch at your own convenience. If you are interested in the Law of Attraction, these videos are well worth watching.

The three videos are:

  • Introductory Video
  • Quantum Mind Awakening
  • Awaken Your Quantum Mind

The videos focus on the ability to access and enable The Law of Attraction by learning how to harness the power of your ‘quantum mind.’ This is a state of mind with which students of meditation should already be familiar. But, for many, it will be quite a revelation. In envisioning the future, best results will certainly be attained by making use of this or similar techniques.

In the first video, I noticed that Greg referred to Oprah Winfrey’s appearance on the the Larry King show when she talked about The Law of Attraction and how she used it to get her part in the movie The Color Purple. You can watch a video of Oprah speaking about her experience here.

Greg Frost is an experienced marketer and he has a dozen or so websites all related to some aspect of self improvement. I had come across him before in the course of my own research. In fact, just recently, I happened to notice he is a platinum author (like me) over at eZinearticles. Alvin contacted me through the Warrior Forum where we are both active members.

But I discovered that the book and video were not all that was included in the free package. There was also a hypnosis audio download called Make Your Dreams Come True. It turned out to be a very professional recording that I enjoyed listening to; actually, better quality than some I have purchased myself.

Just in passing, make sure you do not ever listen to any hypnosis or brain entrainment programs such as binaural beats whilst you are driving, or in any situation where you require conscious awareness. Best results are usually obtained by listening on headphones whilst you are in a quiet, meditative frame of mind, relaxing somewhere you can close your eyes and just let yourself go.

As I said, I was quite surprised because that’s quite a bundle for a free gift, so I am really pleased to be able to pass it on to you. I hope you will enjoy the materials and find them useful.

You can download these materials, completely free, right here

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