The Power of Validation

This video is a bit quirky, but it is also very engaging and it packs quite a punch, by which I mean it has a great message i.e. what a difference you could make in someone else’s life simply by believing in them.

We are hardly ever told how well we are doing. It is something that Ken Blanchard discusses in The One Minute Manager. The normal situation in the workplace is that people tend to ignore it when we do things well and they tell us when we get it wrong.

Isn’t it exactly the same when we receive good service? Do we remember to compliment people when they get it right or is that just their job? The tendency is to think that is what they get paid for and so we don’t need to tell people when they do well.

But do you know something? It is quite amazing what can happen if you just start helping people to see their own worth.

So, why don’t we start a little campaign to start noticing when people get things right and begin telling them how well they are doing? Why don’t we start smiling at people? Sure, some of them will think we are all ‘off our trolley’, that’s unfortunately true, but hey, the world needs people who are prepared to do the unusual.

Let’s Start Validating People

  • Smile at People
  • Speak to Strangers
  • Say Good Morning to Everyone
  • Tell People How Well They are Doing
  • Say Please and Thank You
  • Tell People You Appreciate Them
  • Pass a Compliment
  • Speak to the Manager & Compliment the Staff
  • Tell Your Children You Love Them
  • Ring Your Mom and Tell Her Too
  • Tell Your Partner How Great (s)he is
  • Hey … Tell ALL Your Family
  • Have I Missed Anyone/Anything?

You could make a huge difference in someone else’s life just by showing them a little kindness. Who knows who you will affect and what you might change?

Will you give it a go?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Validation

  1. Baz

    Hi Will, My wife & I always say please & thank you & love going to France because everyone in the street says “Bonjour!”. We also give out our “shop assistant of the day” award for the person who makes our day by being polite, smiley, efficient, effective & communicative – even (especially) if things are going wrong all around them! It’s way too easy to be critical & miss the praise worthy things. Look around at the Supermarket & see (& feel) how much people really don’t want to be there! It’s infectious! Yet we all create our own experience – lighten up & smile – It will come back at you! The world can be a nicer place when we all make a little effort 🙂 Baz

  2. Will Edwards Post author

    I’m glad you liked it Michael. I think it is a wonderful video too.

    Will 🙂

  3. Michael

    Everyone should see this video. Thank you.

  4. Sylvia


    Thank you for the wonderful articles you write and clips such as this.

    You are doing an amazing job and I look forward to reading more from your blog.


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