The Olympic Torch at Minehead

Today the Olympic torch came right past my front door and I was out front with my camera waiting to take my photo for the blog. There were police everywhere, a chopper in the air and even bomb disposal people taking a precursory look at the area.

Yesterday the dog had managed to get a tick embedded in her flesh and although I managed to get it out, it had left its mouth parts firmly buried. So I was at the vet’s for an appointment to get it removed at 2.20 pm. With the torch scheduled to pass my house at around 4.00 pm, I thought I would have plenty of time to get back. But the vet had a lot of trouble getting the little blighter out and the whole episode took about one hour.

Despite that, I managed to get back, put my England shirt on, grab the camera and take up a great vantage point across the road. I had time to chat with all the neighbours and even take a test photograph of the house. It was perfect. All I needed was the same photograph with the runner in the frame. But what happened was that just before the runner appeared, a passing motorist was forced, by the police, to pull over, and guess where he parked?

Yes – right in front of my house.

But I still had a minute or so before the runner would be in position, so I shifted down the road a little and I was still able to get a good view of the house; not completely full-on, but still an excellent shot without the vehicle obstructing the view. I could see the runner approaching, I had my shot and then she was in full frame – exactly the picture I wanted.


Well, I don’t know if you have ever seen one of those cameras that take the shot a couple of seconds after you click the button, but the one I was using did that and the shot I took showed one of the following runners running past my house … without the torch. Not only did I miss the photograph, I also managed to miss the event because I was so busy trying to get the shot, I really did not see the torch bearer properly.

Fortunately, my neighbour (thanks John) managed to take the following picture. It does not show my house in the background, the way I had wanted, because it was taken from the opposite side of the road, but she is right outside my house.

As they say, it’s not the winning; it’s the taking part that matters.

You know something else? Looking at the torch bearer you can see she is waving at someone taking a photograph can’t you? Well guess who that is!

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