The Making of a Warrior

It was around the year 2000 when I began trying to make a living on the web. Back then, I remember that a group of students had sold a website, something about helping with homework, for millions of dollars. I remember thinking that perhaps it was time for me to get rich too. But, the reality turned out to be completely different.

At the start, I tried creating my site and writing my first book which I thought would sell. It is a good book, if I do say so myself, and today it does actually sell, but back then it didn’t. One of the smartest things I did was to make a deal with myself to not write another until I could figure out why the first book did not sell and so began my five year detour into the subject of internet marketing.

Back then, I bought a book called The Rich Jerk. It sparked an idea and I started the Guru’s Apprentice series as a result of that. Actually, the last book in the series The Guru’s Apprentice is still an excellent read in my opinion. It is about viral marketing and it is written by someone (me) who had a successful viral marketing campaign with the eWriterPro ebook software.

Well, somewhere along the way, things started dropping into place for me and I realised that the key to my business doing well on the internet was not to be found in the various books and programs I had bought. Gradually, I came to realise that I had to apply the same business principles I had learned in all of those years I spent in the day job.

If I had understood the importance of strategy sooner, I believe that I would be miles ahead of where I am right now, but at least I did finally ‘get it’. Recently, I decided to write about the importance of strategy in a new book The Making of a Warrior. It’s a quick and enjoyable read (I have been told) and I loved writing it too.

The book is a parable i.e. a learning story that draws heavily from my experience at a famous online marketing forum. It describes how I finally managed to switch my thinking away from a consumer to a producer mindset and how I went about formulating my strategy for success. At present, it is only on Kindle and, for an introductory period, it is available at their lowest price ($0.99) just so that I can get some feedback. If you decide to read it, please do leave your feedback at the Kindle Store.

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