The Magic of Thinking Big

Today I was reading a forum post that was essentially challenging people to think bigger. One of the things the writer suggested was adding an extra zero onto any financial goal you might have set for yourself and then going even further by reducing the time allotted for achieving the goal by a full 90%. So, for example, that would mean setting yourself a goal of achieving $20K within 6 weeks, rather than $2K within 12 months.

The rationale was that such a quantum leap in your targets would force you to think in a completely different way. When we want to get to the next level of performance, whatever it is and within whatever field of endeavour, it is true that, whatever action represents the right answer for us, just doing more of the same is almost certainly the wrong answer. And yet, doing more of the same is the answer that people come up with most often when they are trying to improve their results.

At the same forum, a person asked how it might be possible to double a website’s income. The most popular answer was to double the website traffic and whilst that statement is undoubtedly true, it is not a strategy that can really help a site owner to break into the next level. I have no doubt at all that the person asking would already be doing everything they could think of in order to increase their existing traffic.

What we need is to push our thinking into territory that it does not normally occupy. To achieve a tenfold increase in traffic, you would need to double your visitors over three times – a very difficult task. Now couple that target with the goal of doing it within 6 weeks and most web masters would probably think you are nuts. OK, that’s all well and good. So now that the thought of increasing your website traffic is out of the way, how could you go about increasing your revenue by a factor of ten within a period of just 6 weeks? Force yourself to come up with some answers.

Here are some thoughts about how you could do it:

  • Increase or Decrease your prices (find the optimal price point)
  • Improve your sales copy
  • Add additional streams of income
  • Start using up-sells (can I super-size you?)
  • Start using cross-sells (would you like fries with that?)
  • Engage in more Joint Ventures
  • Recycle some profits back into advertising
  • Get leverage by outsourcing manual effort
  • Automate everything you can

This is not an exhaustive list and neither is it rocket-science. But, if you got into all of those activities, the combined effect could well result in an increase of tenfold for an internet business. Could you complete all of the above within 6 weeks? Well, that all depends on your business, but for many people, it is certainly doable.

That said, I do not mean to do your thinking for you. The above is just an example of what came to my mind when thinking about how you might increase your website income by a factor of ten. None of those methods involves trying to increase your organic traffic volume. The point is that when you can liberate your mind from the obvious answer (more traffic) then you simultaneously create the possibility of accessing a different type of thinking entirely and that is what is needed to make a breakthrough.

Finding ways to liberate your mind to engage in an entirely different type of thinking is what the idea of challenging yourself to achieve a much bigger goal within a much tighter timeframe accomplishes and that’s what the magic of thinking big is all about.

As Edward De Bono once said, “you can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it.”

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  1. Isobel

    Another way would be to create an affiliate program.

    By the way, I think Edward de Bono was quoting Einstein 🙂

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