The Johnny Cupcakes Success Formula

Have you heard of Johnny Cupcakes? If you hadn’t, well, I guess you have now. Anyway, until recently, I had not heard of him. However, now, I love the guy. It’s hard to say exactly why, but a lot of it is because he has created a unique, buzzing business just by doing what he wants to do and having a lot of fun along the way – and that’s the Johnny Cupcakes success formula right there!

Let me explain a bit more about his business.

Basically, he sells T shirts. You might be thinking, ‘boring’! But you would be wrong because whatever else he may be, he is not boring. He started his first shop in Boston (USA) and he had it designed to look like a bakery. He has rows of ovens shooting out steam and cookers spitting out false flames. The staff are all dressed like bakers and the shop looks exactly like a bakery, except more interesting!

The whole experience is that you have a cupcake factory that is producing T shirts – mad eh? Yes, completely ga-ga but – do you know something – people love it.

Johnny is famous for doing apparently mad things and he has a knack of getting people to notice him and evangelise his brand – heck, I’m even doing that right now. Why? Because I like the fact that he has not sold out to larger organisations who are falling over themselves trying to acquire his brand, I like that he is doing what he loves to do and I just love his originality.

There’s a Johnny Cupcakes in all of us – a person who wants to have fun; a person who can be original; a person who can make a difference.

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