Empowerment: Becoming World Class

When I was quite young, I remember someone commenting about the difference between working class people and middle class people. As I recall, working class (or lower class) people were more associated with manual labour and lower wages. Middle class people were supposedly more cultured and earned a salary. Another way of expressing the concept was by considering the differences between white collar workers and blue collar workers – something you hardly ever hear mentioned today.

Personally, I don’t go along with such definitions, not least because it seems very odd that you should apparently be able to become a different class of person simply by changing your job. In addition, now that we have street art, street theatre and the rise of popular culture – Banksy et al – the working class is proclaiming its own culture more vociferously than ever. It seems that the embourgeoisement of the working class has happened pretty much as predicted by Marx, so there is now hardly any working class left in the developed nations – if ever such a group actually existed.

In this article, I wanted to discuss the idea of the further migration of the middle class, not to upper class, but to world class. It is a thought I came across in a book by Steve Siebold entitled 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class and I think it is a lovely idea. Of course we need a new term for this migration. The word embourgeoisement is entirely connected with being middle class, so let’s call this new process of movement empowerment. I quite like that idea: the empowerment of the middle class.

Anyway, here is a nice little list, from Steve’s book, that highlights some of the differences between the middle class and the world class:

1. Middle Class: competes … World Class: creates
2. Middle Class: avoids risk … World Class: manages risk
3. Middle Class: lives in delusion … World Class: lives in objective reality
4. Middle Class: loves comfort … World Class: ok being uncomfortable
5. Middle Class: lottery mentality … World Class: abundance mentality
6. Middle Class: wants security … World Class doesn’t believe in security
7. Middle Class: chooses safety … World Class: chooses growth
8. Middle Class: operates from fear … World Class: operates from abundance
9. Middle Class: focus on having … the World Class: focus on being
10. Middle Class: is reactive… World Class: is proactive

N.B. I changed Steve’s wording slightly simply to make each point fit on a single line, but I did not change the principles.

So, I hope you will join the further migration of the middle class, away from traditional, blue collar, salaried, rat-race type jobs toward the new future as a member of the world class that creates its own future based on vision and aspirations.

That’s what it means to be empowered.

One thought on “Empowerment: Becoming World Class

  1. LS

    My parents were ‘comfortably’ middle class. My father said my mother’s goal was to be ‘comfortable’ but that he personally believed she spelled the word ‘comfortable’ r-i-c-h. It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve realized that I will not find happiness in being comfortable, but in being uncomfortable (at least for a time) and acting bravely and creating outcomes that I can be proud of.

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