The Certain Way, Part 3

The Science of Getting Rich certainly challenges a few commonly held beliefs in relation to money, especially certain religious ideas. It also makes use of a number of somewhat unusual terms to refer to the concept of God – the thinking stuff, the supreme, the infinite etc – which some people might find just a little offensive or irreverent. It is clear from context that the thinking substance to which Wattles refers is meant to be understood to be God and he asserts that God does not wish that anyone should be poor; a good deal of space is dedicated to making the case.

In the final chapter, Wallace D Wattles provides us with a useful summary of his philosophy. As I have mentioned previously, many commentators have, in my opinion, over-emphasised the Law of Attraction aspects and under-emphasised or even omitted the important action steps. So, in my final post of the current series on the subject of this book, I thought I would simply lay out the essential ingredients.

The following is a paraphrase of Chapter 17:

• There is a Thinking Substance from which all things are made (God)
• Acquire the Creative Mindset to Come into Harmony with The Infinite
• Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
• Construct a Clear Vision (Mental Picture) of Everything You Want
• Frequently Review this Vision with Faith and Gratitude
• Wealth will come to You along Existing Lines of Trade and Commerce
• Do, Every Day, All that can be Done That Day
• Make Every Transaction Successful
• Give More in Use-Value than You Receive in Cash-Value
• Hold the Thought that You are Providing Value

As you can see, what has become known as The Law of Attraction is only a part of the overall formula for success. Certainly, it is an important part, but Wattles places equal emphasis on taking action. In my previous posts, we discussed two important aspect of what he refers to as the certain way, which is essentially a way of doing business by providing value and doing so in such a way that the customer feels they have advanced, in some way, in the process.

The book suggests that in order to become rich the student should be operating some kind of business. Whilst this may not be entirely obvious on first reading, I believe it is consistent with his statements about business transactions and the way to conduct them – the certain way.

It is a simple recipe for success and it has been said by many people in many different ways: if you simply construct your vision, remain focussed upon it and then take all the necessary action steps as they occur to you, then you cannot fail unless you give up, of course.

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