The Big Pond: Progress Report

Well, it’s been one month now since I wrote my posts about Playing in the Bigger Pond (see also Part 2). In that time, I have finally got my blog into Technorati, I have managed to figure out how to link my blogging with my Newsletter and I have more or less managed to post every day for a whole month for the first time ever.

Over the coming months I will reflect further on what it means to ‘play in the bigger pond’, in this post we will take a look at my initial results to check whether or not things are going in the right direction.

Figures below are for last month (June 2011), taken from my Webalizer stats:

  • Total Hits: 2,865,684
  • Total Visits: 126,458
  • Main Site PR: 5
  • Adsense: £328.54 ($527.83)

Figures below are for the previous month (May 2011):

  • Total Hits: 2,804,022
  • Total Visits: 124,475
  • Main Site PR: 4
  • Adsense: £267.20 ($429.28)

An unexpected bonus was that Google have issued a PR (Page Rank) update and the main site has moved up from PR4 to PR5 with the blog moving from PR3 to PR4. This won’t happen every month because they update PR infrequently, but still it’s very nice to see.

Looking at the Adsense revenue, it works out to an extra $98 for the past month. Adsense is not my main source of income from the site. But I have included it as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) because I think it is a better measurement of the effect of the additional traffic. It is not after all, the amount that is important, it is the percentage improvement.

So for the last month, the percentage improvement was actually:

98/429 x 100 = 23%

And this came from only an additional 1,983 visitors or an additional 1.6%. Looking at my other major income stream, the percentage increase in revenue, for the same period, was actually: 41%.

So, all in all, I can see a definite improvement here. Of course, it is far too early to start projecting trends and it is also true that Adsense revenue does fluctuate significantly due to variables like click value which are entirely out of my control. However, this is the just the start of my Play in the Bigger Pond Campaign and it is very encouraging to see the figures all going in the right direction.

4 thoughts on “The Big Pond: Progress Report

  1. Lalit

    Hi Will, nice to see that your continous efforts for the last 6 years has brought 1 million visitors to the site. I also earn a little bit of money from adsense and I would like to see that it rises in the coming months.
    I agree that quality of contents plays a key role and thanks for maintaining the same quality for the last 6 years for your regular visitors.

  2. Robin

    Nice data. Excellent update and congratulation on increase in PR. Such figures really encourages to new websmasters and especially adsense publishers and affiliate marketers.

    I also think there is a correlation between adsense and quality visitors to the blog. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Will Edwards

    Hi Sammy

    Thank you. The site has received had 6.4 million visitors since I started counting. And you know something? You can do it too. Just keep focused on two things: original, quality content and relevant links. Just do that, never stop, keep going – it has taken me 6 years to get this far – and you can’t fail.

    And good luck,

    Will 🙂

  4. Sammy

    Wow, nice blogging success you have there. Over one million hits? Love it! You’re an inspiration!

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