The Abundance Mentality

Let me ask you a quick question: do you think you have an abundance or a scarcity mentality? It is a very good question for you to contemplate.

Whether they understand it or not, many people have a scarcity mentality. It may have been passed on to them by their parents’ view of the world and how it operates or perhaps it may have been something that just came about as a response to life, but either way, if you have a scarcity mentality, I want to encourage you to dump it.

Let’s begin by defining these two attitudes. Firstly, the scarcity mentality is based on the understanding that we live and operate within systems that are governed by the laws of economy and that means that our supply is always strictly limited. It is the attitude that believes that there is just not enough food, energy, money and any other resource you can name. Since there is not enough of everything to go around, we feel the need to fight for our slice of the pie. If someone else gets a bigger slice of the pie, it means there is less to go around for everyone else.

People who have a scarcity mentality may have been influenced by certain messages they heard in their childhood. For example, were you told that ‘money does not grow on trees’? If you think about that statement, the essence of it is that money is scarce. People who develop the scarcity mentality generally have a hard time with sharing, giving other people recognition or devolving authority (power). They can also find it hard to be genuinely pleased for other people when they have success.

On the other hand, the abundance mentality takes the view that there is plenty, actually more than enough to go around. When we understand that we are not limited in any way by lack of resources, then it can change our whole way of thinking and as a consequence, our lives too. I would say that an abundance mentality is a prerequisite for being able to really get into developing win-win solutions that truly benefit all parties involved in whatever matter is at hand.

When people tell you that the economic climate is as bad as it has ever been or that young people are worse than ever or that educational standards are worse than ever or something like that, it is always worth bearing in mind that you may be dealing with someone who has the scarcity mentality. It may or may not be the case that standards have fallen or that things are bad and getting worse, but when people have the scarcity mindset, they are likely to be telling you this kind of stuff all the time and without any proper objective evidence upon which to base their views.

As someone who is hopefully working toward fostering a positive attitude to life, this kind of doom and gloom can be very taxing indeed. It can feel as if all your energy is being literally sucked out of your body by a kind of ’emotional leech’. But, worse still, these creatures are often inclined to spout this kind of stuff irrespective of the reality. They are usually, wrong: things could definitely get worse in most situations regardless of what they think.

Unquestionably, there are definite laws in life, for example, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, the law of karma (giving and receiving) and so on. But there is no natural law that operates in such a way that it dictates you cannot have what you want if someone else gets what they want. There is nothing that makes achieving your goals any less likely when other people achieve theirs. But the belief that there is such a law (the scarcity mentality) is indeed a strong barrier to you achieving your goals.

So, start to listen to yourself more closely when you are engaged in conversations with others. Do you hear yourself making the kind of statements we have been discussing? Is it usually you who is saying things like, “isn’t the situation terrible” or “it was never like that in my day” or “it’s always like that and it’s never going to change”? If so, you may have absorbed an attitude to life that is simply not serving you in achieving your goals.

The first part of any step in self improvement is recognising that you need to change, so if you come to an awareness that you have the scarcity mindset, it’s a good thing. Without that awareness, you would never change. Once you know about it, you can begin to work on yourself. One of the best ways of doing this is by using affirmations. You can learn more about them by enrolling in our free affirmations course.

If you have the scarcity mindset, resolve to dump it. It is not a part of you. It is simply an unhelpful attitude you acquired and you don’t need to keep it. So much of what you achieve in life depends upon your attitude. When you understand that we do truly live in an abundant universe with no scarcity whatsoever, despite any illusions to the contrary, your life will begin to change dramatically.

4 thoughts on “The Abundance Mentality

  1. Tony

    Dear Will,

    The ‘Abundance Mentality’ is a great article, as most of your articles are. We all always observe that we have childhood beliefs about scarcity, and competition as opposed to creation. Todays’ children are still getting their minds fed with the same scarcity mentality, at least in Africa, where I live. What one has believed for many years, say 2 to 3 decades take a lot of effort to discard. How can a young father like myself bring up my 7 month old twin daughters devoid of this scarcity mentality?

  2. Michael Gerstein

    Comment on ‘The Abundance Mentality’ posting. I have just this minute found and joined this site. So don’t know too much of what it is about. But that very good article resonated. I want to add my take or angle on it. My ‘scarcity mentality’ has come about because I am choosing it. I suffered, ’emotional deprivation’ from my father. Since then, all my life, I refuse to enjoy, succeed, progress. Out of spite and hurt. My revenge. And I have many blessings and talents. And only I can stop it and change to become positive and pro active. The scarcity examples well explored in the article, are real ones, but for me they are minor. Hope my Comment is reasonably appropriate.

  3. Rachel Lavern

    Wayne Dyer has a great affirmation that I have adopted: “I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am.”

    I believe that the power to manifest money, abundance and wealth into my life is inside of me and you practice it (most days). If I feel a sense of lack or desperation, then I would be demonstrating my belief in scarcity and that is what I will attract.

    I make it a point of sharing my abundance with others so that they will also be inspired to feel abundant. I try to be generous with my time, money, love, and encouragement. And I also win because sharing what I have makes me feel more abundant.

  4. Delton

    Good article Will,
    I believe the Creator of the Universe created and is continuing to create supplies for the inhabitants. I also believe the Creator intended us to be good stewards of His creation. Although there may be an abundance of everything we need, if we are not good stewards we may find ourselves lacking.

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